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Holiday Bedding Selections for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day holiday bedding can be romantic or fun, mostly in red and with lots of hearts, flowers and love.  Our bedding selections are designed for the young at heart who want to carry the special day into the night.

Of course, there is the totally romantic choice for Valentine’s Day bedding, soft, airy, and sensually inviting.  Our first selection for those who want to go all out is the Vele selection, filled with a lush romantic floral pattern.  Ideal for the young or young at heart.  There is little that could end a romantic evening better.

We cannot forget out love of black and white zebra prints.  For those who are daring enough to invite a mate to the bedroom for a walk on the wild side, we have selected the zebra print pattern with the rose floral duvet cover.  This is a combination of romance and playfulness that can continue to work throughout the winter.

Shabby chic patterns are always romantic.  The selection of a red and white bouquet bedding set is the perfect complement to a shabby chic decor.  The striped bed skirt and pillow covers add the finishing touch to the look of romantic flower bouquets.

For those of us who may want to emphasize Valentine’s Day before going to bed can do it so simply with our choices of pillow cases.  Regardless of the bedding selections, using the fun pillow cases for the evening will say “I love you.”  Sometimes less is more.  In this case, a set of pillow cases can say it all.


Duvet Cover Set


Duvet Cover Set


Duvet Cover Set
for those who love Zebra Prints

Red and White Duvet Set
Romantically Shabby Chic

Just enough to say "I Love You"

You Are So Beautiful