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The Neutrality of Green Bedding

One of the benefits of green in the bedroom is that it goes with everything.  Depending on the shade and hue, green can be matched up with almost any color offering a variety of looks.  In fact, green can become the “neutral” color in the bedroom decor.

In nature green is the predominant color.  For many of us who are old enough to remember green was the color of school rooms and hallways.  There was a reason.  Green is tranquil.  As such a green decor in the bedroom can offer a relaxing environment and peaceful sleep.

Lime green and turquoise with a splash of yellow create a vibrant yet restful bedroom decor

Beautiful Green and Turquoise Bedding

As an alternative green bedding is available with other more brightly mixed colors.  The brighter mixture of colors often blend well with lime shades offering a more modern effect.  Bold and beautiful the lime green mixed with the darker hues of turquoise create a warm, yet brightly inviting bedroom decor.  Again, the green in the bedding acts as a neutral color.

The soft romantic roses in the pink and green bedding ensemble offers a welcoming effect to this mature bedroom decor

Romantic Pink and Green Creates the Perfect Bedroom Setting (Click the Pic for Details)

For those of us who prefer to stay with the pastel tones for our bedding, green and pink are basic.  This blend is ideal for the master bedroom or the the teen’s bedroom.

When deciding on a shade of green for the bedroom it is important to understand that the wall color can play an important part is setting the mood for the room.

The more subdued green shades are restful.  The brighter shades of green can offer a focal point.  Depending on preference, there is green bedding that will either accent or complement almost any bedroom.