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Green Bedding for Fall

Most of us think of green bedding for spring, but selecting green bedding for fall has become more and more popular especially when combined with more neutral autumn colors.

One of the easiest ways to use green bedspreads or comforters during the fall season is to select a color combination with the warmer colors of autumn.


The selection above (from Kohl’s) shows a darker more muted shade of green with a warm mocha or chocolate.  Although the setting shown in the picture accents the lighter colors of spring and summer, it is easy to see how this selection will migrate into fall with very little assistance.  All one would need to do is change the accent colors and accessories.

Another good selection is a green bedspread or comforter that is subtle in color but textured.  A good example is the one below.  Although the particular selection is only available currently in queen size, the idea is a way to introduce texture into the bedroom to assist in creating the desired decor.




For those who may be interested in shopping for green bedspreads, comforters or duvet covers, I would suggest browning our green category as it includes green and green in combination with colors that will certainly work for autumn.

The shade of green has everything to do with the selection for fall.  Choosing a sage, forest, or any other subtle shade will work quite well if it combines with the neutral colors of the season.  When in doubt just take a look outdoors to see the brown, gold, orange and burgundy leaves as they fall.  All colors found in nature are considered to be colors that will work well with other colors.  The important factor is finding the best hue or tint for the season.