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Gray and Yellow Bedding Selections

Grey and Yellow BeddingWhether you are looking for predominantly gray and yellow bedding or if you prefer yellow and gray bedding, we have selected three ensembles to give you an idea of how much of each color you will want in the bedroom.

Yellow is a bright and often vibrant color for the bedroom.  While many of us love the fresh look of yellow, especially in the spring and summer, selecting the right shade of yellow and the perfect pattern to display it can be crucial to a successful bedroom decor.  In a bedroom that is grey yellow bedding can bring an appealing accent.

Gray is a rather subdued color that can mitigate brighter colors or can be rich enough in shade to provide the perfect showcase for a brighter selection.

Three Examples of Gray and Yellow Bedding

gray and yellow beddingThe three bedding ensembles we have selected should help you determine how much of each color is required to set the decor in your particular bedroom.  For example, the first selection emphasizes the medium dark shade of gray by adding a large outline of a white with yellow flower.  This selection is ideal for the bedroom is predominantly neutral and needs just a hint of a vibrant color.  The yellow, as shown in the first selection is primarily used as an accent color.  It is not overwhelming, but is sufficient to set the tone.  Adding a few throw pillows in the matching yellow shade or in white will further enliven the decor.

Although the bedroom shown in the first example displays yellow curtains, I would probably go with the gray to show continuity between the walls and the window treatment.  It is easy to add accents where none are needed, often distracting from the designated focal point of the room.  While it is essential to add a few small yellow items to the room, adding too many or items that are too large or occupy too much visual space will detract from the decor.

soft gray and pale yellow beddingThe second selection, a demure combination of light gray and pale yellow will work in almost any environment.  The ensemble adds color without dominating the decor.  With this selection it is appropriate to use as much gray as yellow and vice versa.  While the first selection above is ideal for the bedroom decor that wants to make a statement, the second selection is perfect for the teens bedroom or for the adult decor.  It is soft is visual appeal, yet defines the decor.  As compared to the first selection that fills the room, the second selection will not overwhelm the decor or make the room appear smaller.

yellow with gray beddingOur third selection is a statement of casual and contemporary elegance. It is worth noting that in this specific decor, the yellow window treatment is appropriate.  With yellow as the dominant color in the room, the balance between bed and window is perfect.  The walls are a lighter shade of gray but in the same spectrum as the accent gray on the bedding.

The third choice is not for everyone.  And, it does require a bedroom of more than modest dimensions for it to have strong visual appeal.  However, with a room of adequate size this selection is appealing.

Each of the three selections contain some white.  The interjection of the white cools the combination and gives the decorator latitude to add white sheets or to lighten the decor with white pillows.  Again, the typical decorator uses three colors per room.  The third color is either used as the accent or to mitigate the combination of colors.  It is easy to see that without the interjection of white onto the bedding, none of our selections would be so appealing.

As you can see the first bedroom used a gray and yellow bedding set.  The second uses both colors fairly equally.  The third is best described as yellow and gray bedding.