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From Daybed to Sofa with Fitted Daybed Covers

in Daybed Bedding

There was a time when having a daybed meant that you had a piece of furniture in the room that looked just like a twin bed with an extra side backing.  Those days are gone.  Today there are fitted daybed covers that easily convert the look of a bed to the look of a sofa.

What Are Fitted Daybed Covers?

Daybed covers are tailored to the twin bed mattress to lay flat across the mattress top with a skirt that drops approximately 15″ from under the mattress or from 18″ to 21″ to the floor.  They are particularly designed to be fuller on the front so there is no bulk to tuck in on the back side of the daybed.  Generally speaking tailored daybed covers have a split to allow a smooth fit around the legs of the daybed.

The daybed covers above are good examples of how a daybed cover fits the mattress.  Because of the tailored design often you will hear the daybed cover referred to as daybed mattress covers.  It is worth noting that in many cases daybed covers and daybed bed skirts refer to the same thing.

Do I Need a Daybed Cover for My Daybed?

fitted daybed coverWhether you need a daybed cover or not is dependent on your personal preferences.  Daybed covers definitely afford a more complete and finished look. Most daybeds that are used as a sofa most of the time or that are in a family room, living room or other “public” room in the house or apartment will look better with a daybed cover.

The striped shams, the floral daybed cover and the tailored skirt complete the daybed ensemble by  adding the finishing touch to the daybed as a sofa.  Try to imagine how naked and unfinished the daybed would appear if it only had a comforter cover.

Are There Advantages to Buying Daybed Covers Separately?

Most prefer to purchase daybed cover sets.  Just because a set is purchased, it does not mean that the daybed cover cannot be used with other complementary comforters and pillow shams.  We have selected some of the best sellers as our seasons favorites.

Once you take a look at a collection of daybed covers, it will be easy to see the need to purchase a daybed cover ensemble rather than as a single piece.