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Florentina Matelasse Bedding: Luxury and Affordability

The Florentina Matelassé Bedding is one of our all time favorites.  Why?  It is luxurious and it is affordable!

When looking for luxury bedding, we always begin with matelassé.  The Florentia collection does not disappoint.  It is available in a variety of colors.  Just take a look:

  • Burgundy
  • Cynnabar
  • Cypress
  • Ecru
  • French Blue
  • Green Meadow
  • Juniper
  • Lake Blue
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Meadow
  • Mink
  • Navy
  • Navy Blue
  • White
  • Yellow

Imagine so many choices of color!  We love the selections.  Each color is rich and yarn dyed.  Yarn dyed fabric is so important when it comes to maintaining the richness of the color over the years.

The real benefit of this matelassé collection is that it is purchased by the piece.  For example, you can purchase only the bedspread.  You can add a pillow sham if you wish.  We find this to be an added benefit because it allows you to mix and match colors.  In other words, if you love the Lake Blue matelassé bedspread you can complement it with a Lemon Yellow pillow sham. Rather than being stuck with one look, you can create the bedroom decor that suits your tastes.

Personally, I purchased several bedspreads, one for each bedroom.  But, like so many of us I occasionally want a change.  It has never been easier.  I move the shams from one bedroom to another to create an entirely new look.

So, what is available in the Florentina Matelassé collection?

  • Bedspread
  • Coverlet
  • Pillow Sham with a 2″ flange
  • Bed Skirt with 15″ drop
  • Decorative Sham that is 18″ square
  • Beside Caddy

Available in TWIN, FULL, QUEEN, and KING

With so many selections in color and piece, even a novice can successfully decorate the bedroom in luxury.

Take a look at a few other colors with accents:

Imagine this rich shade of green bedspread and bed skirt accented with a couple of ivory shams.  Add floral sheets that bring tie the green and the ivory together and a million dollar bedroom has been created at a price that is so affordable it will surprise you.


This is the navy blue matelassé bedspread with the same ivory shams.  Two totally different visual effects, but the same shams are used for the accents.

Whether you choose to go with a single color or mix the accessories, it is easy to see that with one collection there are so many options that every room will look totally different — as often as you wish.