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Flannel vs. Percale Bedding and Sheets

Some of us are dedicated and loyal to our flannel bedding.  We love the feel of the flannel pillowcases next to our faces or the soft touch of flannel against our feet and arms as we sleep.  Others prefer the sleek feel of percale sheets.

So, it is time to shop for new bedding.  Should we purchase flannel bedding or percale?  The choice is up to the consumer.  But, there are a few things to consider before buying.

First of all, flannel bedding is much more appealing to those who live in cooler climates.  Flannel is not only soft, it is warm.  Those who live in the southern states may prefer the cool touch of percale.  Or, for those who are not caught up in with the idea of flannel versus percale, flannel bedding may be the choice for winter and percale for summer.  Get the best of both seasonally.

Of course, choosing flannel for winter means we have to understand that those bedding items are bought by weightPercale is purchased according to thread count.  Most of us understand thread count.  The higher the count, the softer the sheet is the general rule of thumb.  For example, one could assume that a 400 thread count is softer than a 200 thread count in most cases.

We have all climbed into a bed in the dead of winter and wish the sheets were not so cold.  Chances are the bedding is cotton or percale (a finer cotton).  Flannel bedding has a tendency to not become as cool and seems to warm up faster, holding in more body heat.

All that said, whether the consumer selects flannel bedding or percale, the choice is a matter of personal preference. 

  • Flannel bedding is generally warmer
  • Percale feels cool to the touch initially
  • Flannel bedding is purchased according to weight
  • Percale or cotton bedding is purchased according to thread count.
  • Flannel bedding is ideal for cooler climates.
  • Percale bedding is ideal for southern areas, especially during the warmer months.