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Flannel Sheets: Queen, King, California King

Flannel sheets are winter favorites.  Regardless of where we live, there is something that makes flannel the ideal fabric for winter.  However, when shopping for flannel bedding it is important to buy quality, but not to over buy.

Purchasing flannel bedding that weighs too much can be too warm, making sleep as uncomfortable as not having enough cover during the cold nights.  Pinzon offers 190 gram weight sheets.  The 190 gram weight translates to 6.7 ounces. These sheets are heavy and probably will not require too much additional top cover.  For those who prefer to sleep under lighter weight bedding, these sheets are the ideal.

Many of us prefer to stay warm without the heaviness of comforters or blankets.  While it may be necessary to add a lightweight blanket on the coldest of nights, the 190 gram Pinzon sheets should provide plenty of warmth, not to mention softness.

All sheet colors available in Queen, King, and California King sizes.  Check out the colors!



Smokey Blue

Italian Roast


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