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Flannel Duvet Covers

flannel duvet coversMost of us can only afford a single duvet per bedroom.  While duvets provide excellent warmth during the cold winter months without a change of duvet covers we are more or less stuck with a single color or single theme for the bedroom decor.  Luckily, someone somewhere at some point in time came to realize that while most of us can think of nothing more appealing than snuggling in a warm bed under a fluffy duvet, few of us could ever afford a duvet to go with each change of bedroom color or decor.  Duvet covers were introduced. For even more comfort, flannel duvet covers are the answer.

For added winter warmth and texture imagine duvet covers made of flannel.  The duvet cover, above right, is just one example of the flannel duvet covers made from yarn dyed cotton.

Duvets are designed to last, bringing warmth to our beds for years and years.  Unfortunately, our tastes change and our choice of colors change.   With flannel duvet covers that match other bedding winter nights can be a joy.

wallace stripe flannel duvet coversThe Wallace Stripe Flannel Duvet Covers  from Eddie Bauer offer more subtle colors and a more delicate setting without removing any of the warmth and style.

Whatever the choice, there are flannel duvet covers in a variety of colors that have matching sheets and pillow cases.  Or imagine being able to use a plaid flannel duvet cover that would complement several sets of sheets.

The beauty of flannel duvet covers is the variety of colors that will certainly complement any bedroom decor.  Click a picture to see the other colors available.