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What to Look for When Buying Fitted Bedding

Fitted bedding is perhaps the latest and possibly the greatest improvement in bed linens in the past century aside for fabric improvement.

For years and years bedding was a matter of buying two flat sheets.  Making a bed was a process that took considerable time.  The rule was that one should be able to bounce a quarter on the bottom sheet if it was correctly put on.  The military and hospitals had a special way of folding and tucking the corners to keep the sheet in place and to make the bedding wrinkle free.

Then, thank goodness, someone designed a fitted sheet for the bottom sheet.  The corners were sewn to create pockets that would slide over the corners of the mattresses, keeping the bedding taut.  Elastic was added to the corner pockets to help keep them in place.  Most fitted sheets today have eleasticized pockets.

However, one of the problems that persists with some fitted bedding is that the corners will pop up.  Most of us have seen this from time to time.  A night of twisting and turning can occasionally cause the corner pockets to ride up.  Or, when making the bed, the fitted bedding will pop up as one moves from corner to corner.

These problems can be resolved with fitted sheets that have elastic all the way around the edge.  When considering the purchase of bed linens, one should look for fitted sheets that do have elastic all the way around instead of just along the corner pockets.

Many fitted sheets now have what is called deep pockets.  These pockets are as described… deeper.  The deeper design is affectuated to help hold the sheet in place.  However, even with deep pockets the better sheets do come with elastic running the perimeter of the edge, all the way around.

There is a difference in cost, no doubt.  Most fully elasticized fitted sheets cost a little more than the ones that only have elasticized pockets.  The extra few dollars is worth every penny of the expense.  The fitted sheet will stay in place, even during a sleepless night.  Additionally, there is less wrinkling which contributes to less bunching while sleeping.

Along with all considerations the consumer must contemplate when purchasing bedding, the fully elasticized fitted sheet should be near the top of the list.  Bed making is simpler, sleeping is better, and general appearance when the bed is made is much smoother.