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Matelasse Bedding

yellow matelasse bedding

Yellow! Matelassse! Enough said!

white milano matelasse

Cool white for summer.

Blue and white bedding selections

An all time favorite luxury matelasse bedding selection!

pink matelasse bedspread

There is pink bedding and then there is rich dark PINK matelasse bedding that is nothing short of style, elegance and luxury.  Matelasse is one of those weaves that many of us think of as elegant and luxurious.  It is from the French, meaning quilted or padded.  It is the creation process that gives the Read More

apricot matelasse

Close your eyes and think about orange bedding.  Those of us who make the Bedding Selections are well aware that most of those who closed their eyes did not dream orange bedding could look like this.  Actually, the color is apricot. Embracing the European matelasse style and elegance, the picture above shows an Art Nouveau Read More