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The Cotton or the Thread Count of Egyptian Cotton Sheets Makes the Difference?

What makes Egyptian cotton sheets so expensive and a favorite fabric among bedding selections?  First of all, the quality of Egyptian cotton is superb.  Second, the cotton staples (strands) are soft and strong.

Egyptian cotton, especially in the area of bedding, is an all time favorite.  Perhaps, it has as much to do with the marketing as anything else.  Egyptian cotton is grown in a small area of Egypt along the Nile River.  The humidity and soil make the perfect setting for growing cotton.  The staples, those long strands of cotton that extend the cotton boll, are exceptionally long, making them easy to weave as well as adding to the softness.

The 2001 Egyptian Cotton Trademark

The 2001 Egyptian Cotton Trademark

The price of Egyptian cotton, due to the scarcity and the high quality is higher than other cottons.  For years, cotton manufacturers claimed their cottons to be Egyptian cotton when, in fact, it may not have been.  In 2001, Egyptian cotton got its own trademark.  The logo shows the traditional cotton boll inside a pyramid.  Only authentic Egyptian cotton bears this trademark.

Some bedding that is advertised as 1000 or higher thread count made of Egyptian cotton leads the consumer to believe that the higher thread count has as much to do with the comfort of the sheets and pillowcases as the fabric itself.  Unfortunately, that is not the case and is misleading.  No doubt some will always feel that purchasing the highest thread count they can find is the only way to go.

However, a 380 count Egyptian cotton sheet is probably among the most comfortable.  Please read the article on thread count.