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Summer Duvets for the Season and Warmer Climates

For those of us who live in warmer climates without the sub-zero winter temperatures or who need a little extra fluffy cover during the spring, summer and fall, summer duvets are the key to comfort while providing luxury.  In fact, a summer duvet can be used in the winter in the southern half of the United States.  The difference between duvets and summer duvets is all about down fill power.

Before sharing our summer duvet selections, we need to clarify what a duvet really is. A duvet and a comforter are not the same thing — even if manufacturers and retail shops try to pass one off as the other.  Often manufacturers and sellers advertise a thick comforter as a duvet, if for no other reason than the idea of a duvet sounds much more luxurious than a comforter that can be washed and dried at home.

If not familiar with duvets, please read:

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Summer duvets have less down fill power than those used for the winter or in frigid climates.  Consequently, those purchased labeled “summer duvet” should be less expensive than those with higher down fill power.  After all, the goose down is the primary expense.  Because the summer duvet has less down it will probably not be quite as fluffy, although they will still present a nice luxurious appearance.

When purchasing a duvet for winter or summer we recommend buying one that is either white, off-white or cream in color.  With so many duvet covers from which to choose, it is wise to select the duvet that is light in color so as not to create a shadow effect beneath the duvet cover, especially is the fabric is light in color.

Many of us will be pleasantly surprised at the price of a summer duvet versus a heavier weight one.  Most of us can select a duvet advertised for summer use and find that it is suitable for year round use.

Below are a few examples of quality summer duvets. Click on the picture for details, prices, shipping…

Twin, Full/Queen, King
Lightweight, Siberian Goose Down Filled

Twin, F/Q, K
Medium Weight, Siberian Goose Down Filled

Full/Queen, King
Heavy Weight Siberian Goose Down Filled
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