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Duvets & Duvet Covers

flannel duvet covers

Flannel duvet covers add to the warmth and comfort of a winter bed.

Comforter or duvet? Learn what makes the duvet so special for winter.

Santa Duvet Cover

There is no better way to bring the Christmas season or the winter holidays into the bedroom decor than with duvet covers.

Level IV Duvet

Down comforters and down duvet covers are the expressions of luxury. However, before purchasing either a down comforter or a down duvet cover there are a few things to know such as “down fill power” and how the weight of down applies to the warmth of the comforter or duvet cover. Just as salespeople will Read More

Mer de Rose Comforter set

Yellow duvet covers for all seasons. Fresh, floral, quality

  King size duvet covers are certainly a must for anyone who enjoys a king size duvet.  The purpose of duvet covers is two-fold. First the king size duvet cover will protect the outer fabric of the duvet.  The cost of a goose down filled duvet is one that prohibitive for many, especially if there is Read More

Duvet covers serve two purposes in the bedroom.  The first is as a protective covering for the duvet.  The second is to allow a change in room decor without having to replace the duvet. It goes without saying that duvets are among the most costly bedroom accessory.  Some believe that bedding is not complete without Read More