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Down Alternative Comforters

A true duvet is down filled.  Yet, down alternative comforters are a good and in many cases a less expensive alternative to the duvet insert.

So, let’s take a look at our down alternative comforter selections and talk about their use.

Chezmoi White Down Alternative Comforter
Queen, King

Royal Hotel Alternative Down

Grand Down
All Sizes

As winter approaches and we begin looking for fresh decor for the winter months and the holiday season, it is more and more obvious to me that many bedding ensembles and sets are now offering duvet covers or comforter covers.  For that reason, I have primarily gone with duvets and down alternative inserts rather than relying on the ensemble I select to offer a full comforter instead of a cover.

First of all, it is important to understand that down alternative comforters work and can be used just as if there were no difference between down filled and down alternative.  The selections above are primarily designed to be inserts into duvet covers.  The sizing remains true.

Secondly, unlike the down filled duvet inserts which must be dry-cleaned, the down alternative comforters can most often be machine washed and dried.  Even though the comforter can be easily cleaned, it is recommended that it be used as an insert into a cover in most cases.

Most parents prefer the down alternative comforter for younger children due to cost and efficiency of cleaning.  Let’s face it with youngsters there will always be spills and having a down filled duvet cleaned often could become rather expensive.

For college kids, I strongly recommend the down alternative comforter.  The reasons should be obvious.  I can remember when my son came home one spring only to announce that he had left his duvet back in the apartment he had shared with a couple of other young men.  Hopefully, someone is enjoying it now.

In all honesty, let me say that I have yet to see a down alternative comforter that will retain its fluffiness as will a down duvet insert.  So, there are pro’s and con’s.  But, for cost effectiveness and use with younger children, the down alternative may be a better selection.

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