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Damask Bedding: What You Need to Know

When considering a new bedroom decor, damask bedding often comes to mind.  The design and the fabric have long meant elegance and been the choice of royalty.  More recently damask was the comfortable bedspread in grandma’s room.  Yet, today the wonderful damask design and weave is making a major come back.

What is Damask Bedding?

Simply put, Damask is either silk, wool, linen, or cotton, and today synthetic, threads or fibers woven in such a way as to have the reverse pattern on the opposite side.  The patterns are easily recognizable.  Many of us are familiar with the monochrome patterns or the duo-tone bedspreads.  However, Damask bedding fabrics can be woven from multiple colors.

damask-bedding-patternThe pattern to the left is a basic black and white Damask pattern.  The appearance is a black design on a white background.  This would be considered the “top side.”  If the fabric were to be turned over to the “bottom side” it would appear as a white pattern on a black background as seen in the image to the right.reverse-damask-bedding-pattern

In the pictures, the images seem to be the exact reverse of one another.  However, the weave of the fabric clearly indicates the top side and the bottom side.  Without going into the “warp” and “weft” yarns that determine the top side and the under side, we will just say that based on our visual sense it is easy to determine the top or the face of the fabric from the back or under side.

damask-bedding-fabric-pinkHere is the same duo-tone Damask bedding pattern in black and pink and again in black and blue.  Please note that it is important to look closely at the fabric to determine which side is the top side before purchasing.mm dandy damask spa

Additionally, due to the intricate patterns created in Damask, one must be cautioned that it is all too easy to overdo it.  For those who are taken with Damask as many are today, if looking for additional patterns to complement the bedroom decor we would suggest stripes in the same colors as the damask or perhaps large polka dots in one color with a background of the other color.

Examples of Damask Bedding

For those who enjoy the royal look of Damask bedding ensembles, choosing a pattern with the lighter color as the background is generally a better choice.  Bedrooms today in newer homes are not generally as large as they once were in houses built fifty or a hundred years ago.  The lighter shade for the background will not be as over-powering as a concentration of the darker colors.

61iu83WzQUL._AA280_The Damask comforter and shams to the left in black and white are ideal for the bed and the room.  Note the neutral headboard and the solid white base that complement the bedding.  Additionally, if one looks carefully, a magenta sheet can be seen beneath the Damask pillow shams.

damask-black-white-print-bedding-set-toile-fabricFollowing the general rule of three basic colors for any one room, the walls or the carpet or perhaps a few accent pieces could be a brilliant and vibrant color.

The black and white pattern to the right is very modern and could be overwhelming if not in a room that is large enough to contain it.  However, it is worth noting that while the basic scheme is black and white, the accent of the yellow flower brings the third basic color into play.

It is worth mentioning that the combination of black and white, in a Damask bedding pattern or any other fabric or style for bedding is one of the most flexible offerings for a bedroom.  Any accent color can change the entire feel of the room.

Damask Bedding for Toddlers and Young People

blue_brown_damask_cribDamask is not solely for adults.  The crib bedding at the left is a powerful combination of blue and brown Damask combined with the same colors with striped fabrics and dotted fabrics.

While there is a combination of three distinct patterns, the crib decor is appealing to the eye.

black-and-white-damask-toddler-beddingIn a previous article the benefit of a twin bed.  Damask can add a comfy feel to any child’s bedroom.  The twin bed to the right is an early bed for the youngster who is ready to move from the crib.

It must be stated that Damask in combination with complementary patterns can be a wonderful combination for a child up through the teenage years.  In fact, it seems that many teenage girls today are loving the Damask combination with stripes and/or dots.