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Crepe Weave Cotton Blankets for All Seasons

Crepe weave cotton blankets are more than just a summer, fall, winter or spring cover.  While most of us appreciate organic cotton as a favorite cover-up, the crepe weave adds texture along with color and warmth.

There are many instances when a smooth, flat texture is most appealing when it comes to complementing the bedroom decor.  However, there are times when the crepe weave adds depth and a rougher texture that will make it stand out in an otherwise smooth surfaced bedding ensemble.

If the bedding already in use is smooth and not too heavily patterned, it may be that the simple addition of a crepe weave cotton blanket can add the texture you need to add eye appeal to the room.  In other cases, when stripes are in use as the predominant pattern, the crepe weave may offer just enough texture to blend beautifully with the stripes.  With a floral pattern, it is suggested that it is purely up to the taste of the person decorating the room.

While the rougher texture of woven cotton crepe is not recommended when both the stripe and floral patterns are used together, a lot depends on the individual’s tastes and color scheme.

The simplicity of the crepe weave for the top cover can either add a new dimension that gives depth to the room, or it can add confusion to a highly textured and patterned bedding ensemble.

Of course, it goes without saying that cotton blankets are available in a variety of colors that will complement any room.  The blanket designed in a crepe weave can be the answer to a room that appears flat and dull.

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