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Cotton Summer Blankets, Choose Wisely

Cotton blankets are a great choice for year round use because cotton is a natural material that allows the fabric to breathe once woven.  Loosely woven cotton summer blankets keep us warm on those chilly summer nights when we need just a little covering to keep us comfortable.  The advantage of the loose weave is that it allows for a flow of air while holding just enough body heat to keep us comfortable.  The more tightly woven all natural cotton blankets have a tendency to hold more heat.  For that reason, it is usually recommended that a loosely woven cotton fabric be used during the warmer months.  To add more warmth during the winter months just add another cotton blanket.

Those are some of the advantages of cotton summer blankets.  If there is a disadvantage, it only applies to some cotton fabrics.  If the blanket looks luxurious, producing that loose fiber fuzzy look, it may have a wonderfully inviting first appearance, but it will shed.

crepe weave cotton summer blanketsThe blankets to the left are from the crepe weave collection.  While admittedly, the weave appears to be loose enough to provide warmth during the spring and summer months, one should note that the woven fabric appears to be a little too fluffy.  Needless to say we all love the look of luxury.  However, according to reviews of this blanket collection the fabric sheds, somewhat like a dog, leaving fabric residue behind and on clothes.

Additionally, according to recent reviews these blankets do not wash well.  As reported by one consumer, cleaning the washing machine following the initial wash was a catastrophe.  Lint was stuck all around the bowl on the washing machine.  When lint is this free, sooner or later the fabric will begin to pill, much like heavier weight flannel that does not receive the proper care.

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