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Cotton Blankets for Spring and Summer

During the spring and summer months, after we have put away our duvets and comforters we may still need a little extra cover at night.  Cotton blankets are the perfect summer cover.  In fact, some of us prefer cotton to other materials in the winter months.

One of the primary reasons for the use of cotton as our nightly cover is that it breathes.  As a natural fabric it has many properties that allow for a good night of sleep without the extra weight of a heavier comforter or a duvet.

Cotton blankets are most often rather loosely woven, allowing them to wick any perspiration away from the body to keep us from getting too warm while holding just enough body heat close to us for a comfortable night of sleep.

There was a time when the only place we saw these thin covers regularly used was in the hospital.  In fact, hospitals still use cotton blankets.  They are lightweight and easy to wash as well as quite affordable.  If there was a problem with them in the past, it was that we could only find them in white.

As colors became more popular for bedding, cotton blankets seemed to be left solely for hospital use and for use with newborns.  Today all that has changed.  Not only is cotton a favorite fabric for newborn bedding, more and more of us are looking to cotton for all our bedding needs.

The combination of cotton and color has created a new summer cover for chilly nights.  Today cotton blankets are available in a multitude of colors.  Some are loosely woven, almost appearing to have been crocheted while others are closely woven creating a more solid cover.

Selecting cotton bedding and blankets for the spring and summer months will provide comfortable sleep whether one sleeps with an open window, beneath a ceiling fan, or in an air conditioned home.