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Purple Bedding: From Fun to Royalty

Purple bedding has found favor in my bedrooms over the past decade.  Once avoided as a color for our bedding selections, many of us have found the regal color inviting and comfortable.

Purple bedding sets are now available.  No longer are we left to try to match the colors and shades.  Designers and manufacturers have done the hard work for us.  All we have to do is decide on the shade of purple we prefer and choose a style or pattern.  With so many to choose from, we have divided our selections into age groups.

Please note that many of the age groups will overlap somewhat.  For instance a baby crib bedding set that is designed for the nursery may transition to toddler bedding as the sheet sizes are the same.  Many of the same pieces used for the crib may be suitable for the toddler’s bedroom.  We have tried to indicate which of the manufacturers specify that the bedding set is transitional.  However, many are and can be determined by the size of the fitted sheet.

Many of the purple kids bedding sets are designed for the twin bed, although some may be for full or queen sizes.  Our favorite among the kids bedding is the purple zebra print bedding.  It is shown below.

Of course, there are plenty of selections for the adult bedroom in full, queen and king sizes.  We even included our selections of purple daybed bedding.

Below is a collection of our favorite bedding selections in purple:

Full, Queen, King
Chaps Home Preston Bedding
Country Elegance

Madison Park Laurel
All Sizes

Hotel Style

All Sizes
Lauren Conrad Chloe Collection

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