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Purple bedding was once only used by royalty. After all, purple is the color that symbolizes all things royal. Then, years later the color scheme of purple, ranging from deepest darkest purple to the palest of lavenders, could only be found in brothels or grandma’s house. But, today all that has changed. Just as red found its way to our walls, purple has wandered into our bedrooms. Dark purple bedding is mostly used in formal bedroom setting, while the lightest lavenders are used for adults, teens, children and nurseries.

The good news is that this fall the reigning color for clothing, home decor, and even bedding is purple! Every shade from deep dark amethyst to lilac and lavender will be found in abundance during the fall of 2011 and the winter or 2012. It’s time to break the mold and maybe with tradition. Treat your family like royalty with purple bedding for every age.

First adapted to the modern bedroom by interior decorators striving for a new look and being readily accepted by those with sophistication who dared to be different, purple is now matched up with pinks, lavenders, crimson reds, peach and coral — and of course, whatever color you choose. Some of us definitely prefer to use our dark purple bedding with sage or light greens. The color palette is available to anyone who dares to decorate according to his or her tastes, rather than convention.

Teens have fallen for purple bedding in a variety of designs. Whether the teenager selects the daring purple zebra print bedding or chooses the more subtle tie-dyed purple daybed bedding, there is a selection that every young girl will find appealing.

Purple baby crib bedding has become a favorite for the nursery. Usually lighter shades are selected, either in plum or shades of lavender. However, the patterns and designs are so varied that the expectant mom who wants to use her favorite color in the nursery will have sufficient selections to find one that is just right for her little princess.

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The accent color with the purple bedding will make all the difference.

Purple and Black Zebra Print Bedding

Purple zebra print bedding is one of the hot trends for teens and adults this year.  When it comes to color, purple is regal for sure.  But, put it with a zebra print and you have a wild purple and black bedding set fit for a queen. The combination of zebra and leopard makes for Read More

Purple and White Zebra Print Bedding

Zebra print bedding is all the rage.  For the past few years purple and black zebra print bedding has made a statement in bedrooms for all ages.  However, during the warm seasons of spring and summer it may be time to lighten the mood and the decor with this fun purple and white zebra print Read More

Madison Amherst Purple Bedding

Purple bedding has made it into the spring bedding selections!  Put away those dark amethyst shades and complete the bedroom decor with this gorgeous Madison Park Amherst Comforter set that includes 7 pieces. Violet and plum --- who said purple was dull? --- are the predominant colors placed on a silver gray background.  When white Read More

Purple Microsuede Bedding

When all you want is a fluffy bed that begs you to climb in, this 7 piece purple bedding set will issue an invitation to a good night of sleep.  Elegant in color, divine in comfort, this bed in a bag is the delight of its owner. Available in full, queen, and king sizes, the Read More


Purple bedding is truly the color of royalty.  To complete the bedroom decor based on the selection of purple as the primary color of the bedding selections the following color schemes are recommended. Please note that when selecting the color scheme to add the finishing touches to the bedroom decor, the user must begin with Read More

Purple Chemzoi Bedding

Purple bedding has made a come back as no other color has.  Once upon a time purple was considered too bright, too dramatic, too hard to work with, and just too....  However, purple bedding has come back on the scene as no other color has.  Even purple daybed bedding has found its way into almost Read More