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pink and green bedding

Pink and green bedding has always been a favorite combination, but nothing seems to surpass pink and green floral print bedding from the master suite to the baby’s nursery.  There is something comforting and refreshing about the color combination especially when used in a floral print. Granted, most men will not care to indulge in Read More

Pink and black bedding, a teen’s dream room! See our selections, chosen with the teen in mind!

pink and brown polka dot bedding selections

Very few of us actually begin decorating our bedrooms by first thinking of pink and brown polka dot bedding.  Most often the selection comes from the brown dots being in combination with a color we prefer for the decor.  As we know, brown and turquoise bedding ensembles are among the favorites when combining brown with Read More

pink matelasse bedspread

There is pink bedding and then there is rich dark PINK matelasse bedding that is nothing short of style, elegance and luxury.  Matelasse is one of those weaves that many of us think of as elegant and luxurious.  It is from the French, meaning quilted or padded.  It is the creation process that gives the Read More

pink and green bedding

Pink and green bedding has been a combination almost since bedding became more than a solid color covering at night.  There is little doubt that the color combination is suitable for many styles of home decor.  We continue to look for more bedding selections of quality and affordability in this colorful combination. When we think Read More

When the baby girl is ready to move up to her first bed, pink camo toddler bedding could be a wise choice.  The color is bright pink.  The pattern is camouflage for the comforter and one pillow case, with a criss-cross set of sheets and another pillow case.  This makes for an updated camouflage pattern Read More

Daddy’s little angel!  That’s all one can say about the little girl born into the family.  To celebrate the little girl, moms may not be quite ready to decorate the nursery in khaki and olive greens.  However, dads will welcome their favorite camouflage patterns in this pink camo baby bedding set for their little girls.  Read More

One of the most requested bedding selections is the hot pink zebra print comforter.  This bedding ensemble is one of the most popular on our site.  It is a favorite among teens and has found its way into many teen bedrooms.  And what a great choice, it is!  Available in twin, full or queen, this Read More

Pink nautical bedding is definitely for the girl’s bedroom or in this case for any adult lady’s bedroom.  This pink nautical comforter is perfect for the beach, the cottage, or any room that celebrates the warm months that make us dream of nights by the sea. Again, it bears mentioning that nautical bedding does not have Read More

Make a teenage girl happy with this hot pink and zebra print bedding ensemble.

Teens love hot pink zebra print bedding!  This set is available in twin, full or queen! While there are a variety of zebra bedding sets that emphasize the black and white pattern with hot pink trim or borders, this set is designed for the teen who knows her mind and knows exactly what she wants Read More

JoJo Designs Queen Bed Skirts are specially created to coordinate with the JoJo Designs bedding sets. It will help complete the look and feel of this theme for your child’s room. (more…) Read More

Make the young girl the envy of her friends with this zebra print bedding. Twin

Pink bedding is always appropriate for the feminine bedroom.  The versatility of pink is greater than some would expect.  For example, the pastel shades of pink create a soft bedroom look while the brighter deeper pinks can create a vibrancy that will suit some. When selecting pink as the bedding color of choice it is Read More