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grey beddingThere is gray.  Then there is gray…. whether you spell it with an “a” or an “e”.  There are more than 50 shades of grey.  In fact, I had first considered including the gray selections with the black, but the variety of shades and styles made it almost impossible to take the independence away from the rich shades of gray.

The benefits of using gray as opposed to black are simple.  Gray is a much softer color, even in its darkest shades.  There is something about beautiful black that reminds most of us of ultra modern designs, but when we think of gray we think of snuggling beneath a warm spread or staying cool on a hot summer night beneath a simple light grey sheet.

Accent colors for gray are a varied as possible.  Whether one selects a primary color in its full strength or a softer pastel tint, gray will accept most combinations.

Gray and yellow bedding combines cool with bright, ideal for any season.

grey and white hotel bedding

Hotel Bedding sets come in a variety of colors, but few are as elegant as this subtle silver and grey set.  Ideal for spring, the cool crisp lines only add to the light shades of silver and grey.  How inviting for a spring night! Hotel bedding sets have found the way into our homes.  Hotel bedding is Read More