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Brown Bedding Selections

Brown is one of those wonderful colors that we seldom think about until fall, when the leaves change color and begin to drop from the trees.  In my mind, it is one of the most overlooked shades used in the bedroom decor. Combined with other colors it can become a bedroom decor that is versatile and great all year long.

Brown can run the spectrum from a very dark mocha chocolate to a light beige or border on a burnt orange.  There are endless possibilities when selecting brown for the bedroom.  First of all, found in nature — a predominant color in the natural world — it is easy to use brown as a neutral background for almost any other color combination.  Or, if one prefers the color brown is easy to combine with two other dominant colors for the perfect decor.

Many brown bedding selections can be used throughout the year without making the bedroom seem dull or too dark.  Just imagine a bedspread accented with brown and combined with the lightest shade of blue or even a delightful lime green for the warmer months.  Add a darker shade or accent to carry it over into the fall and winter.

There are plenty of great combinations available that will brighten an bedroom decor.


Brown is an excellent color for fall bedding. Used as the primary color or as an accent, brown is the new neutral.

Selecting the shade of brown, the texture of the bedding ensemble, and the style of bedding is the first step to choosing the brown bedding.

Blue and brown bedding has become a very fashionable combination of colors. Take a look at a few of our favorites.

Green and brown bedding displays nature’s most neutral colors for a color scheme that works year round.

pink and brown polka dot bedding selections

Very few of us actually begin decorating our bedrooms by first thinking of pink and brown polka dot bedding.  Most often the selection comes from the brown dots being in combination with a color we prefer for the decor.  As we know, brown and turquoise bedding ensembles are among the favorites when combining brown with Read More

Available in all sizes, select a brown and white zebra stripe comforter set.

blue and brown bedding

Blue and brown microsuede bedding in a balanced combination.

Chocolate Hotel Bedding

This Chocolate Hotel Bedding spa collection is a 6 piece Luxury Bedding Duvet Ensemble.  Available in King and Queen sizes. Made of 100% Cotton, this High 300 Thread Count Designer Bedding set includes everything you need to turn your bedroom into a master suite. This elegant ensemble features Hidden Button Enclosure to Hold Comforter in Place Read More

brown and green tropical bedding ensemble

Tropical bedding begins with quality and brilliant patterns.  Croscill is the name of quality.  Brazil is the pattern. The tropical bedding ensemble offers a four piece set that can be complemented by other available accessories to complete the room decor. The tropical bedding pattern is heavy with a broad field of palm leaves and hibiscus blossoms.  It Read More

safari zebra print bedding set

Black and white zebra bedding not suitable for your bedroom?  That will not stop you from taking a walk — or a sleep on the wild side.  Enjoy a mixture of solid brown and zebra print in brown. Zebra bedding has found its way into a variety of colors and mixtures creating a bedding ensemble Read More