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Color and Care of Bedding and Bed Linens

Today the color of one’s bedding is a major consideration.  Years ago sheets were white.  Accessories such as quilts, blankets and comforters as well as shams were dull and often only found in solid colors.  Today the variety is almost endless.

When considering bedding color, the consumer can select a complementary color for the room decor.  For example, if the room is dark blue, perhaps the bedding could be a lighter shade of blue.  If the room is filled with solid colors, the bedding could accent the color scheme or complement it with a blend of colors and patterns.

Many consumers enjoy a softer color scheme for bedding as they feel it lends itself to a more restful environment.  Colors have an impact on one’s mood.  Green is peaceful.  Light blue is restful.  Bright yellows add a sense of sunshine.  Whatever color preference the consumer has, it is suggested that the bedding color complement the room decor. 

While many patterns are available today, some have suggested that brightly colored busy patterns may not lend themselves to a restful night.  We suggest that the consumer should select whatever they feel comfortable with, patterned or plain, brightly colored or pastel.  The bedroom should be the most comfortable and restful room in the house.  Only the consumer can determine what color works best in his environment.

Of note, liquid bleach is not recommended for the laundry when cleaning bedding.  There are many detergents today that can brighten and maintain the integrity of the bedding colors without the use of liquid bleach.  In fact, liquid bleach seems to break down the fabric more quickly than detergent or powdered bleach.  While it is most important to make certain that the bedding is thoroughly cleaned regularly, it is not necessary to use harsh bleaches or extremely hot water.

On the darker colors, liquid bleach has a tendency to fade the brilliance of the color far more quickly than necessary.  Additionally, drops of liquid bleach directly onto the fabric can cause spots.  For example, a navy blue sheet who has been splashed with a liquid bleach may dry to show red or dark pink spots where the concentrated bleach touched it.

When bedding in new, it is suggested that it be washed before the initial use.  Fabrics have sizing in them.  Sizing is the additive that helps the fabric stay firm and hold its shape while being sewn and packaged.  Washing the bedding before first use will aid in making the fabric softer to the touch.  It can in some cases take several washings before your bedding loses all its sizing and reaches the softness desired.