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Christmas Quilt Selections

Christmas bedding is the one way to bring the holiday spirit to the private rooms in the home.  A simple Christmas quilt or comforter can transform the bedroom into a festive decor.  Some may want to fully incorporate the enthusiasm while others may decide on simplicity.  We have selected a few Christmas bedding sets that will work with almost any decor.

Christmas Quilt Selections

Simplicity at its best!  The addition of a Christmas quilt to the bedroom decor will transform the ordinary into the festive.  We have selected a couple of Lenox quilts that are 100% cotton and filled with subdued luxury.

The Lenox quilt in deep red with subdued holiday wreaths on a white background is the picture of luxury.  The pattern reminds us of snowflakes with a coordinated border and finished edge that show true elegance.  This Christmas quilt is colorful, yet not overwhelming.  It will coordinate with many existing bedroom decors while adding the flavor of the season.

For the bedroom that will not readily accept the traditional colors of Christmas, this Lenox quilt offers a pattern that will fill the room with holiday cheer.  This quilt with work quite well in bedrooms that need a more subdued color scheme.  Both our Lenox selections can be used before and after the holidays, throughout the winter months, making either a good investment for this year and years to come.

Patch Magic is known for quality quilts and Christmas duvet covers.  We have included our holiday duvet cover selections in a separate article.

Many of the Patch Magic selections are designed for those who enjoy the frivolity of the holiday season.  Ideal for the kids bedroom, Santa or Snowmen often parade in the middle panel of the Patch Magic designs.  The quality of the Patch Magic brand is unequaled.  Hand quilted, these beauties will become heirlooms and will be passed down from generation to generation.

When browsing our Christmas bedding selections, please note that many of the Patch Magic quilts introduce colors that may not be traditional Christmas colors but are filled with Christmas images.  We love this affectation because with the introduction of a single heirloom quilt any bedroom decor can be matched with one or more of the designs and color schemes.

While our quilt selections may be slightly more expensive than some of our other holiday selections, we are so impressed with the quality that we had to put them at the top of our list.  Please note that in our opinion at Bedding Selections, selecting a quality quilt that will last a lifetime is a wise investment.

Decorating With a Christmas Quilt

Quilts are usually the focal point of the bedroom.  It is easy to see why.  With so much detail in the pattern and the stitching it would be silly to try to divert attention to another area of the room.

Once the quilt is selected, a set of solid color flannel sheets in a matching or complementary color will complete the bedding set up.  Of course, we have found that some quilts have matching pillow shams.  While that may be an interesting concept, we prefer to select a color in the quilt and use it as a solid color pillow case or sham.  With such distinctive quilts, as is the case with those we have selected for this season, we strongly encourage anyone to hold back any urges to over decorate.  Simplicity is the key to a successful decor when a quality quilt has been used.

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