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Brown and Green Bedding

Although the color combination is ideal for year round use, brown and green bedding is not as plentiful as more traditional color schemes.  However, it is easy to create the perfect brown and green scheme by putting solid colors together to create the look.  Most often chocolate can be found accompanying lime green bedding, making a combo that works well in spring or fall.  However, not to be limited, many shades of green bedding will work quite well with a variety of shades of brown, from the lightest tans tints to the darkest chocolate mocha.

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Queen, King, Cal. King

Queen, King

Queen, King, Cal. King

Queen, King

At Bedding Selections we found it difficult to find and/or select bedding that was not only stylish but met the color criteria.  As shown, most of the green shades are not among the darker shades, but the brown offers a chocolate or mocha shade in most cases.

Chocolate and Green Bedding

Selecting the right shade of brown combined with the perfect shade of green is a must to complete the decor with style.  Chocolate is a warm shade of brown that combines well with many shades of green.  Chocolate and green bedding combines the warmest shade of brown with every shade of green, from lime green to sage, from hunter green to light or bright green.

Of course there is another reason to select chocolate to combine with green.  Most of us have a warm wood finish to the furniture in our bedrooms, especially the more traditional decors.  With that in mind, adding the chocolate brown with green will easily allow for a third accent color, as the chocolate will blend with the furniture shades creating a seamless decor that will not appear too busy or to have too many colors.

Of all the colors that combine well with green in the bedroom, selecting a chocolate brown will be one of the easiest to work with as well as easy on the eye.  A bonus of selecting chocolate or brown and green bedding for the master bedroom of younger couples is that there are wonderful selections in brown and green crib bedding sets for the nursery.

Coordinating Accent Colors with Brown and Green Bedding

Most decorators and those of us at home who are trying to put together a bedroom decor select white, cream or a shade of yellow to accent or complement our brown and green bedding ensemble.  Often the ensemble itself will have a third color added that sets the color scheme for the room.

When in doubt about the third color, check a color chart and select the color along the spectrum that forms the intersection of brown and green.  As we all know, brown tends down through the yellow tints and onto the cream shades that fade into white.  Green used in this combination often tends toward the yellow, cream and then fades to white.  The complementary colors selected will usually be a very light tint as the green and brown shades are quite often in the darker hues, such as a darker or brighter lime green with a mocha or chocolate shade.

Never forget the benefits of a trip to the paint store.  More and more often we are finding color schemes already put together on paint chip cards.  These palettes are always safe.  However, do not feel bound by the traditional tri-color schemes.  After all, the bedroom should exhibit a decor that is personal.  That includes the color scheme.

Changing Seasons with Brown and Green Decor

The cost of a bedding ensemble can vary from the inexpensive to the high end luxury sets.  The brown and green selection is ideal for year round use.  There is the brighter green offset by the darker browns.  Select greens in the same shade as the ensemble or go lighter with the accents and decor from spring.  In the colder months add a few dark brown throw pillows or accessories.  The darker shades will ready the bedroom for the winter colors.

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