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Selecting Blue Zebra Print Bedding for a Softer Decor

As most of us are well aware, zebra print bedding can range from the dramatic and stark to a softer visual appeal.  Selecting blue zebra print bedding can combine the wild stripes with a softer visual appeal.  The shades of blue vary from the darker to the vibrant to the delicate shades of turquoise blue.  The combinations of zebra blue bedding are often subtle in shade variance, but significant for the decor.

Blue and black zebra bedding is the color scheme that comes to mind first.  In fact, most of the schemes include a single color combined with black to accent the zebra stripe theme.  With that in mind we have found several selections that caught our eyes.

The first selection in blue and black is probably more suitable for the adult bedroom or the young adult.  The pattern appears to be more mature, as does the faux silk fabric of this comforter set.

blue zebra print bedding with black accents

Please note that the fabric is a faux silk with flocking.  The blue faux silk fabric creates a shiny and somewhat slinky look, which may or not be appropriate for the bedroom of a younger person.  Of course, the selection is at the discretion of the parents or the consumer.  The black stripes are flocked, which creates a raised textured stripe that tends to feel soft, almost furry.

The set to the left is available in a variety of sizes including FULL, QUEEN, and KING.  When selecting this comforter set, the surrounding environment including the wall color, the carpet or rug, and all furniture and accessories should be considered carefully.

As one of the darker combinations of blue and black zebra print the bedding could overwhelm a smaller bedroom or one that is done in darker shades.  At the same time, careful selection of lighter colors is imperative.  Otherwise, the comforter set will appear as set apart from the decor.

As with any bedding, it is most important for the bedding to blend or complement the surroundings.  In the case of the 7 piece faux silk blue and black zebra comforter set, the task could be slightly more difficult than usual.  All that said, we find the ensemble to be quite a bit of sophisticated fun for the cooler months of the year.

Our second and third selections are a light blue zebra bedding combination.  The first of the two is the ideal zebra bedding for girls, especially the younger girls.  The zebra print panel in light blue and white with the white panel border takes the pattern from too sophisticated for the young to an ensemble that is totally appropriate in our view for the younger girls who want to enjoy a little wild animal print.

We have found this selection available in TWIN and QUEEN.

The other choice is zebra bedding in blue that tends towards the turquoise.  We find this to be one of our all time favorites simply because the design is soft enough with the white stripes and the turquoise blue to be feminine without losing the excitement of the pattern.

With the reversible comforter showing a solid color on the opposite side this blue zebra comforter set is ideal for every age group.  By comparison this ensemble is less sophisticated and far more casual than the first selection shown at the top.  However, it does not necessarily look as “young” as our second selection with the white bordered zebra print panel.

The importance of showing the three examples of the blue zebra print bedding ensembles is to demonstrate that while “blue” and “zebra” are the defining terms, the three sets are totally different in style and appearance and offer three distinct bedroom schemes.