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Blue Nautical Stripe Summer Bedding



Blue nautical stripe summer bedding is ideal for so many bedrooms: teenage boys, guest rooms, singles or couples, poolside or cabin.

The beauty of summer blue nautical stripes is the versatility. A bedroom can be dressed up suitable for an admiral or ship’s captain, or played down to ideal for a teen’s canoe setting.

Blue Nautical Stripe Summer Bedding

Blue and white make the perfect combination for summertime. Everyone seems to think of water, boating, and swimming during the summer months. And, blue is what we think of when we think of summer water activities.

Toss in an occasional stripe of red or a red pillow for accent and the bedroom is set for all summer long, especially the Fourth of July, but will serve well until after Labor Day.

Getting Started with Shades and Stripes of Blue

Blue Nautical Stripe Summer Bedding

While we often think of blue and white stripes as representative of nautical bedding ensembles, we should take comfort in the fact that there is blue and white and there is blue and white, some with an emphasis on the blue and some with the emphasis on the white, and some with several shades of blue and white.

Oh, speaking of nautical style stripes, they do not have to be the same width.  In fact, many of the styles, particularly this year, are emphasizing random widths in the stripes. This can be pleasing to the eye and provide an illusion that the bedroom is actually larger than it is. Of course, that makes the style a good choice in smaller bedrooms.

Nautica Lawndale varsity stripe classic stripe

and DO NOT forget the nautical accessories!

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