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The Basics of Blue and White Bedding

Blue and white bedding makes the perfect starting place for the bedroom decor.  I emphasize that it is the starting place — at least in many instances.  Why?  Because blue can be a very tricky color to work with.  Unfortunately, it is one of the colors that tricks our eyes.  Of course, if you find the right shades of blue you have the beginning of a peaceful bedroom.


Twin, Queen, King
Monterrat Toile Elegance

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Hilfiger Mariner's Cove

Twin, King
Ralph Lauren Bluff Point

Twin, Full/Queen, King

Queen, King, Cal. King

Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen
Navy/White Hotel Duvet

Twin/TXL, Full/Queen, Oversized King
Hotel Transom Blue

Twin, Queen, King
Bloomingdale Navy/White

Twin/TXL, Full/Queen. King

basic blue and white beddingUnless the bedroom walls — the canvas of the bedroom portrait — are a neutral color or a color that will work with any shade of blue I strongly suggest that you take a paint chip with you when you shop for the bedding.  For some reason the human mind does not seem to be able to remember exact blue shades, hues, or tones.  In other words, when we see a blue bedding ensemble in the store we may think it works with our blue chair or our blue walls only to discover that the walls tend toward a blue-gray and the bedding tends toward a blue-green.

turquoise and white bedding selectionNow, with all the cautions out of the way, let me say that in my mind blue and white combinations can create the most peaceful and inviting of all bedroom decors.  For those who are looking more toward the teals, aquas, and turquoise shades please browse this section and then head on over to my turquoise and white bedding selections.  (Click HERE)

Basic Blue and White Bedding Selections

I call the more primary shade of blue “basic blue” when considering these top selections.  Even within the primary color we will see variations of hues and tones.  With all that said, let me introduce you to some of my favorite styles and designs.  Many of my selections will have purchase links to the right.  Some may not.  While I would love to guide you on a shopping trip I am primarily interested in showing my favorite bedding selections in blue and suggest designs and decors to complement the ensembles and styles.

light blue and white beddingThe selection above with the regular pattern is a hue of blue that has a grey tone.  The color to the left is a blue tint.  Tone means adding grey to the base color.  Tint means adding white.  In other words, tone will darken slightly and tine will lighten the basic color of blue.  But, this is not a discussion of making tones, tints or shades of blue.  Instead, I want to share my favorite selections of the season.

Nautical Style Bedding in Blue and White

nautical blue and white bedding

The blue and white bedding set to the left are good examples of ensembles that may or may not have been specifically designed for the nautical decor, but both are prime candidates for the summer lake house, the beach house, of the teenage boy’s bedroom.  This is not to say that these two sets will not fit in almost any setting, but upon first look my mind immediately bedding_bl_wh_park_avebegins decorating the room with things that remind me of the sea and boats.

Please note that while both sets are ideal for the beginning of a nautical decor, the colors of the two sets are distinctively different, but both are blue!

All that would be required to continue a nautical theme would be accessory pieces.  Maybe a lantern or a starfish or a shell display.

Let me say, just because a blue and white bedding ensemble has stripes does not limit it to a nautical decor.  I can visualize either of the sets shown in other bedroom decors — everything from the modern with white walls and white furniture with blue accent pieces strategically placed to tossing in a vibrant third color that could change the whole feel of the room.  Imagine adding a deep rose or hot pink to the top selection.  Red is a favorite color to add for a nautical theme.  Go ahead, let your mind create!

Hotel Bedding in Blue and White


Traditional style hotel bedding is another simple way to incorporate blue and white into the bedroom decor.  Until a few years ago the only hotel style bedding available to the home decorator was what has become known as the traditional style of hotel bedding — panels of two colors that outlined the bed, as shown to the left.

This is a particularly easy to work with style and can be found in almost any shade of blue and yes! almost any of the varieties of white — from the purest white to the softer off-white and ecru shades.

I like working with this pattern in the blue and white combination because adding a floral accent pillow or two in the same blue and white shades make for an easy decor that can be changed by changing the accent color.


Many prefer the newer updated versions from the hotel collection.  These newer designs offer a wider variety of patterns, like the one to the left.  Again, this pattern is available in a variety of blue tints, shades and tones.  In other words, if the pattern works for you, start looking for the color you want.

Personally, I love the blue shown in the picture.  The design is clean enough to define it as a hotel style.  The blue in the ensemble is soft enough to mitigate the strong print.

Blue and White Floral Bedding

blue and white floral bedding

Finding blue and white floral bedding can be a little more difficult than locating other patterns.  Most of the blue and white patterns I discovered would be considered “fashion bedding” as the comforter set to the left.

For those looking for a more romantic, country chic look I would suggest looking for multi-color designs that accent the shade of blue you desire.  Those selections will generally include a shade of green for the foliage and accent the blue in the flower.

For those who have a room large enough to support the comforter shown in this section, I can say that this is a lovely ensemble.  The large floral pattern is asymmetrical and can dominate the bedroom.  For the larger bedroom or someone looking for a summer look, there is nothing cooler than than the large blue flowers on a crisp white background.