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Blue and Green Bedding for Spring and Summer

Blue and green bedding presents one of the freshest looks of the spring season.  The combination mixes the colors of new growth with the relaxing effects of blue.  There is little that compares to this beautiful mix of colors.

The softer shades of green seem to indicate the freshness of spring while the blue shades show a full bloom of color more common to summer.  With blue and green bedding the combination is an ideal way to welcome the new life of springtime and to keep the interior decor cool enough visually to be inviting during the heat of summer.

When selecting blue and green as a combination for bedding, most often it is important to note that the colors, both the blue and the green, seem to be of equal intensity on the color scale.  In other words, most often the colors are of equal value.  Looking at our bedding selections below, note that the color of green in the Waverly ensemble is of similar intensity as the shade of blue.  This is not a hard and fast rule (there are none) but the most attractive bedding sets seems to use the blue and the green with equality.

Clara Clark Comforter

Twin, Full/Queen

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Turquoise and Lime

Twin/TwinXL, Full/Queen
Calypso Reversible

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Imperial Dress

Queen, King

Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King
Madison Park Tahiti

Full/Queen, King

As shown in the Tahiti Collection the blue and green shades seem to lighten and darken in harmony.  Harmony is the one key to using blue and green.  In some cases, as we know, a shade of blue can tend toward the red and a shade of green can tend toward the yellow.  In that case the color scheme may not be visually appealing.  Luckily, the colors are well coordinated in most blue and green bedding thanks to the trained eye of designers.

For those of us who are uncertain when selecting blue and green in combination, begin with a bedding ensemble.  To complete the bedroom decor, take a sample of the bedding to the paint store and match up paint chips.  Quite often they offer combinations that we would not ordinarily think of.  Remember, even when blue and green are used together, a third color is always appropriate but must be chosen with care.  Again, the paint chip method is ideal for getting ideas and creating a perfect bedroom decor.