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Blankets for Summer in Cotton

Blankets for summer in cotton are the best choice.  There are a number of reasons to select the natural cotton material, among which are that they control the temperature better than synthetic fabrics.  Cotton is warm enough to take the chill off on those cooler summer nights without overheating the body.  In the winter, cotton is equally as preferable in many instances because it acts as an insulator and holds the body heat.

Cotton blankets have the same effect as cotton clothing in the summer.  The material is absorbent and wicks perspiration away from the body maintaining an even body temperature allowing for a better night of sleep.  Additionally, cotton blankets for summer are generally light in weight.  No one wants to feel trapped under heavy cover in the summer months.

Blankets for summer in cotton fabric have reached a new pinnacle in colors.  There are now enough rich colors to satisfy any color scheme or decor theme.  White is no longer the only option.  In fact, the variety is so large that every bedroom should have at least one cotton blanket for summer.

For those who enjoy the benefits of a black and white bedroom decor, a simple white cotton blanket or a black cotton blanket may be the first choice.  Or, for those who have selected a definite accent color, there is surely a cotton blanket in the color that will add a little spice to the bedroom.  Depending on the color scheme, a cotton blanket in a crepe weave may texture as well as color.

While many of the cotton blankets available today are in bright colors, it is no longer unusual to find softly colored pastels that range from light mossy greens to dusty roses and powdery lavenders.  In other words, there is probably a cotton blanket that will match or complement the bedding that is already in place.

When considering the need for a top cover for the spring and summer months, blankets for summer most certainly should be made of cotton.