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Black Damask Bedding Is Pure Elegance

Elegant black damask

Black Damask bedding is perhaps the optimum bedding selection for the elegant bedroom.  Damask has long been known as the fabric of royalty.  The pattern is subdued and not an affectation but woven as a part of the fabric itself.  While it is evident to most trained eyes that there is a “right” side or a “top” side, it must be noted that Damask can be said to be the first and perhaps the only truly reversible fabric made today.

Black and White Damask Noir

Elegant Black and White Damask

Daniella Classics

Queen, King
Waterford Lisette

Queen, King

The black Damask duvet set to the left shows the possibilities of using the fabric in black.  Any bedroom decor would accomodate the fabric if elegance is sought.  The solid color of black is neutral in this setting, but the texture of the fabric forces subtle stripes into the decor.  All that is needed is an accent color and the bedroom suite is complete.

The duvet is one of the most sought after additions to any bedroom, whether in summer weight or the heavier winter weight.  Dressing it up with this beautiful black Damask duvet cover and bedding set offers the best of the best in bedding.

Black Damask bedding has become a popular nursery decor.  No longer are the newborns relegated to pink if it’s a girl or blue if it’s a boy.  Instead, black Damask crib bedding is very popular for both boys and girls.  While elegant enough for anyone’s new baby, all that is required is to add a few accent colors to define the nursery as one belonging to the newest little lady or the little man of the house.  (Click here to see the crib bedding set with details.)

A variation of the black Damask bedding includes the toile pattern.  For those who wish to have bedding that is perhaps more inviting, and less formal in appearance, this beautiful bedding set offers black Damask and cream in stripes and floral patterns.  Imagine the welcoming feel of a quality bedding set in a fabric and pattern that begs you to slip between the sheets for a restful night of sleep.