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Black and White Comforters for King Size Beds

Black and white comforters can be one of the best bedding investments for almost any bedroom decor.  If there is one thing that can be said about the black and white combination it is that together the two colors form a dramatic neutral pattern that can be complemented by any color.  That is important as many of us wish to change our bedroom theme or decor without having to change every piece of bedding.

With a black and white comforter the sheets can easily be any color at all.  Just choose your favorite for the major accent color.

Often when thinking of black and white comforters we have a tendency to decide on the colors and not give adequate consideration to the bedroom furniture, the overall style of the room and the general feel and appearance.  King size black and white comforters can be one of the best additions to a bedroom.  However, depending on the size of the room in comparison to the size of the bed, some black and white comforter patterns can be overwhelming while other will fit beautifully in the present decor.

Below are a few of the patterns available for king size black and white comforters.  Take the time to determine not only the color but the pattern that best suits your tastes and needs.

King Size Black and White Comforters


Black and white king size comforter in hotel style7 Pieces Caprice White with Black Square Pattern Hotel Comforter Bed-in-a-bag Set King Size Bed

The black and white king size comforter in the black square hotel pattern exemplifies contemporary styling.  In the case of the black and white comforter to the left, the predominant color is white with just enough black square pattern to make the appearance dynamic.

Black and White Damask Comforter King SizeZeus Comforter Set in Black and White Damask – King Size

Damask gives any room a more regal and formal appearance.  The black and white damask king size comforter gives a heavy appearance indicating royalty.  It looks warm and weighty.

Again, all that is needed to complement this set is your choice of accent color.

To learn more about Damask or see more selections in Damask, Click Here!

Black and White King Size Zebra Comforter7 Pieces Imperial Black and White Zebra Micro Fur Comforter Set Bed-in-a-bag for King Size Bedding

This example is one of many variations on black and white king size comforters in the zebra pattern.  Some of the patterns show the zebra stripes closer together as in the picture to the left.  Other zebra patterns offer a wider stripe that opens up the pattern.

When selecting the zebra pattern it is important to first recognize the style of furniture and the overall room decor.  There is a zebra pattern in black and white for every bedroom, but it takes patience and perseverance to determine which pattern best suits your decor.