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Black and White Bedding with Accent Color

Black and White with Dark Red Accents

Black and White Bedding Decor is Defined by the Accent Color

When selecting black and white bedding, it is appropriate to select your third color.  The selections above indicate the value of the third or accent color.  In fact, the accent color will be the defining color in the bedroom.  The black and white bedding selection will define the style.

Using the selections above, one can see the hot pink accent as a part of the wild zebra pattern — one that is most appealing to our teenage daughters.  There is little doubt that the addition of hot pink as a trim and accent color defines the bedroom as feminine.

Of course, the pink trim on the black and white polka dot ensemble is designed with her in mind.  The pattern is clean and neat but adds that pop of color

The next ensemble accented by a brick red shows a distinctive western motif.  Note the design on the black and white bedding, complemented by the wall decor.  Without the brick red accent color as a part of this selection, one could create almost any design setting.  The important point is to note that style is often cemented into the decor by the selection of accents.

I love the black and white ensemble with the Kelly Green accent pillows.  Perhaps this is one of the best examples of how simple it is to design a bedroom using black and white bedding while being able to change the entire visual appeal by changing just the accent color.

Any accent color could be used as long as it is a bold color.  The accents should be bold without being brash.  Pastels seldom work well as the accent for black and white as the color can be lost or overpowered by the neutrality of the black and white.  When using pastels or lighter colors it is important to understand that there should be a significant display for the accent to really do its job.  This is not to say that the bedroom walls cannot be a lighter shade.  The focal point, the bedding, should be consistent in hue.


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Selecting Black and White Bedding

  • Decide on your style whether it be modern, traditional, or a specific motif.
  • Look for basic black and white bedding that will fit your style.  For example, a floral motif can fulfill the needs of a casual style while the bold zigzag pattern lends itself to a more modern design.
  • Either find a black and white bedding ensemble that is accented with your third color in the bedroom design or go with a black and white ensemble that will allow you to define the third color separately.
  • Remember, if the ensemble comes with the accent color as a part of the bedding set, that is the color you will use for as long as you use the ensemble.  A black and white bedding ensemble that incorporates no accent allows the home decorator to make the final choice and change the overall look by changing the accent color at will.

The Benefits of a Black and White Bedding Ensemble

Black and white bedding selections are often more popular than the solid black counterparts.  The reason is simple enough.  Solid black can appear too harsh.  Let’s face it, a bedspread or a comforter set covers the largest mass in the bedroom.  With a black and white ensemble there is less need to fill the area or cover much of the bed with shams or throw pillows.  Of course, much depends on the look one is trying to achieve.

All too often buyers believe that a solid black bedding ensemble is required to achieve the ultra modern look in the bedroom.  That is not the case.  There are plenty of modern patterns and styles that can create the sanitized appeal of a modern bedroom.

With black and white bedding, the definition of the style comes from the accent color.  In most cases on a very patterned set of bedding, solid colors in the shams and pillows is almost required.  Often, it also makes shopping easier.

Black and white damask offers another set of options and often can use more subtle accent colors.