Black and White Toile Damask Bedding Set

Imagine a black and cream toile Damask bedding set!  Talk about elegance!  Black and cream stripes and black and cream toile create a duvet cover set that is elegant and ideal for any bedroom.  Regardless of the color of your room, the combination of black and cream diminish the stark look of black and white by softening the general appearance.

The black background with the bold cream toile Damask duvet cover takes the edge off the stark reality of white, creating a wonderfully inviting bedding set.

or Select the 7pc Modern Toile Damask Black White Duvet Cover Set Full/Queen

  • 1 QUEEN SIZE Duvet Cover 104″ x 90″ with hidden Button Closure
  • 2 QUEEN SIZE Pillow Shams 20″ x 36″‘
  • 300 thread count 100% Soft Mercerized Cotton Sateen
  • Easy Care. Machine washable

There is a bedding set in Black and Off-White Toile Damask that is just right for your bedroom decor.

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Damask Bedding

Damask bedding is not as much about the pattern as it is about the fabric.  To learn more about Damask and its use with bedding ensembles, please click here.  Note that often when describing a bedding set, the manufacturer or the advert may use the terms Damask and toile almost interchangeably.  While there are similarities in appearance from a distance, the two are very different and very distinct.

Damask bedding is made of a woven fabric that obviously has a “top” side.  However, when turned over the “bottom” side is the exact negative of the top.  In other words, it shows the pattern colors reversed.  Even the untrained eye can see the difference in the way the weave appears, the top being much smoother with longer looking threads while the back side shows the shorter stitches in the weave.

On the other hand, toile is not a fabric, per se.  Toile is a pattern or design, often pastoral with leaves and meandering streams set in medallions and repeated throughout the fabric.

Damask can have a toile-like pattern, such as the one above that repeats. but most often the detail is somewhat simpler.

When in doubt as to whether you are actually looking at Damask or toile, flip the fabric over.  If the pattern is visible on the underside and appears to be the exact opposite of the top side pattern, it is probably Damask.  If the decorative pattern is “painted on” or printed on only one side of the fabric it is not Damask, but rather it is toile.



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