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Best Waterproof Mattress Pad for the Incontinent or Very Young

Urinary incontinence supplies for adults have improved greatly over the years.  Thank goodness!  There are adult diapers for daily wear, but home incontinence supplies have been either limited in availability or uncomfortable until now.  Our first choice in nighttime incontinence products comes from Naturepedic in the form of an organic, waterproof, washable waterproof mattress pad.  You may have noticed that they are also our top choice for waterproof pads for the baby’s crib.

Why Rubber and Vinyl Backed Pads Are NOT Our Top Choice

Before we discuss the product itself, let me explain why we have selected the Naturepedic brand as our top choice.  Let me also explain that our selection is not based on hearsay or recommendations from friends.  This incontinence story is very personal and within our family.

Most of the washable incontinence pads for the bed are made of rubber or vinyl.  Of course, they may be covered with a flannel fabric or a cotton fabric for absorption to wick much of the urine away from the body.  So far, this waterproof pad sounds pretty good.  However, it is not until you have purchased a rubber or vinyl based pad that you notice the downside of the products.

For the bedridden patient who is unable to turn throughout the night, the rubber backing or the vinyl pads will cause sweat and clamminess making sleep uncomfortable if not impossible.  Even for the adult who may be experiencing incontinence as a new event, the discomfort during the night will soon become evident.  Aside from the simple effects of discomfort, the moisture that forms along the body can cause skin degeneration and possibly lead to pressure wounds, more commonly known as bed sores.

Naturepedic’s Washable Organic Waterproof Mattress Pad

Naturepedic is the answer to incontinence bed pads.  Again, this is from experience with an older adult who has become incontinent and a quadriplegic who is mostly bedridden.  Both experienced discomfort during the nighttime, reporting a chilly clammy feeling with both the rubber backed product and the vinyl product.  The quadriplegic soon began to present a break down in skin tissue.  Think about your fingers shriveling after washing a load of dishes or spending a long time in a leisurely bath.  Naturepedic’s waterproof incontinence mattress pads are not rubber or vinyl.

As shown above, the mattress pad does not appear thick or heavy.  Instead, the cotton mattress pad has a thin membrane covering that allows the pad to “breathe” which eliminates the clammy feeling during the night while protecting the mattress.

While we have found Naturepedic pads sold on many sites, the prices are consistent across the board.  For that reason we strongly suggest that anyone looking for the waterproof mattress pad for those suffering from incontinence go directly to the Naturepedic site to make a purchase.  Just click the button to visit Naturepedic.



Let me add that while this mattress pad is ideal for those with incontinence, it is also perfect for almost everyone.  We all know that kids will spill drinks while sitting on the bed.  Occasionally, younger children will have an accident.  Why allow an expensive mattress to be ruined by an accident or a spill when the mattress pad can protect it?

Washing and Drying

Convenience, convenience, convenience!  The waterproof mattress pad is easy care.  Just wash and dry.

Unlike the rubber or vinyl alternatives, the Naturepedic can be washed and dried in the machine.  Unlike the others, the Naturepedic will not become brittle with use.  Yes!  That is a problem with rubber and vinyl.  And, unlike the other choices, Naturepedic makes dealing with a health situation a little easier for the caregiver.

By the way, for those who have a family member who is suffering from incontinence or any other medical need, we strongly suggest Allegro Medical as the best online supplier of medical supplies and equipment.  Service is always prompt.  The deals are great.  We have never been disappointed.

Below I have included a little (hopefully) helpful information.

Adult Incontinence

We have all heard incontinence stories about older adults.  Many of us have experience with our parents or grandparents developing urinary incontinence as they aged.  In younger adults the situation can often be remedied by surgery.  However, as our parents age undergoing surgery that involves anesthesia is risky and more often than not, the risk is not worth any potential reward.

In other words, when an aged person develops incontinence it is often better to deal with it as best we can by using home incontinence supplies that can be purchased at many drug stores or online.

Incontinence Assessment

Here’s the bottom line on assessment in senior citizens.  We can take them to a doctor, answer questions and have them endure a physical exam.  Or, we can face the facts.  I’m not dismissing any medical opinions.  I am suggesting that if we are caring for an elderly relative we can recognize urinary incontinence with relative ease.  If the bed is wet in the mornings or if we notice that they have a tendency to wet themselves during the day — on the way to the bathroom or as they get up to go, or without noticing they have urinated — that is enough of an incontinence assessment for me.

With or without a medical exam and with or without a fancy medical name, the problem is the same.  Urine will develop an overwhelming odor if left to dry on the mattress or the clothing.  Luckily, there are new incontinence products that make life tolerable for the one who is incontinent and the care giver.

Incontinence Products

The first step is to fit the older person for Depends, Attends, or a TENA product.  (Check the ad to the top right from Allegro Medical.)  Using the brand “Depends” to represent adult incontinence diapers, let me just say that the elderly will not be thrilled at the idea.  They will generally resist until they begin to realize the benefits such as being able to go out to lunch or shopping without having to worry about an “accident.”

The second step is to purchase an incontinence bed pad.  As mentioned above, our selection is the washable incontinence pad from Naturepedic.  In all honesty, the Naturepedic pads are a little more expensive than some other brands, but they are worth every penny of the difference in price.  Hopefully, you read the description above and have an understanding of the need for whatever type pad the person sleeps on to be able to “breathe.”  For those who are not familiar with this necessity, let me just say that I am speaking as one who cares for both a quadriplegic and an elderly adult.  I have seen the results of taking the cheaper way out.  The price difference between Naturepedic waterproof incontinence bed pads and the others is negligible when you consider the health of the individual.  To quote an old advert, “Pay me now or pay me later.”  I prefer to pay for the quality of Naturepedic rather than spend hours each day trying to heal pressure wounds and bed sores.