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Before You Shop

Shopping for bedding can be fun, if you know what you are looking for — and what you are looking at.

Below you will find a few articles that offer helpful hints when it comes to buying bedding.  We try to cover many of the “how-to’s” and the “why to’s” when it comes to selecting the ideal bedding to suit your bedroom and your personal taste.

Browse the selections below AND if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.  We will either post an article or refer you to one to help answer your questions.

Garden Path

Cotton bedding, pastel colors, white, simple, lightweight are best for summer bedding.

Crepe weave is ideal for air flow while keeping sleep comfortable.

It goes without saying that dust ruffles are not suitable for every bedroom decor.  Dust ruffles are best suited for a girl’s bedroom.  They are particularly popular with teens and complement most teen bedding designed for those picky teenage girls. Dust ruffles are also well received in a bedroom that is inhabited by an adult Read More

Measuring for a dust ruffle is much like measuring for a straight bedskirt.  However, if the dust ruffle is full (closely gathered) the measurement will be more forgiving than for a bedskirt.  Please note that the most common drop for a dust ruffle is 18″ although they can be found in drops from 15″.  Purchasing Read More

A bed skirt can be a complement to the bedroom decor or it can be a disaster.  When selecting a bed skirt a correct measurment is essential for the perfect look and fit. Know the size of the bed. Before purchasing a bed skirt the size of the mattress must be determined.  The bed skirt Read More

When selecting bedding for any bedroom decor a bed skirt or a dust ruffle can add the finishing touch.  Selecting the right bedskirt  or the right dust ruffle can complete the bedroom.  Selecting one that doesn’t fit the bed properly can absolutely destroy the look of the entire room.  Or, selecting one when the other would Read More

Knowing what to look for when purchasing flannel bedding can increase the life of the sheets, pillow cases or the comforter.  While flannel is one of the favorite bedding fabrics for winter, most of us select our sheets or other linens based solely on appearance.  Most of us shop looking for the color or pattern Read More

Anyone who has slept between bedding made of flannel knows the sheer joy of softness and warmth against the skin on a winter night.  However, when selecting flannel as the fabric of choice there are several key facts one must know. Weight Matters, Not Thread Count First of all flannel is purchased according to weight Read More

When considering a new bedroom decor, damask bedding often comes to mind.  The design and the fabric have long meant elegance and been the choice of royalty.  More recently damask was the comfortable bedspread in grandma’s room.  Yet, today the wonderful damask design and weave is making a major come back. What is Damask Bedding Read More

The king sized bed is one of the most popular sizes for adults today.  Although this size bed may be more comfortable for some, there is always the question of adequate space in the bedroom.  Provided the bedroom is large enough to contain a larger bed, the bedding can be dull or overwhelming if not Read More

Memory foam is not for everyone.  That brings us to the question of is a memory foam pad right for you?  Does it meet your comfort needs? The first thing that must be stated is that for those who have just purchased a new mattress, the memory foam pad is probably not for you.  If Read More

When thinking about bedding, the best place to start is with the mattress.  The size of the mattress is depends on the bed size, of course.  Selecting a comfortable mattress may be more difficult than one would think.  Deciding if a firm or softer mattress is desirable takes time. When selecting the mattress take care Read More

Most of us spend more time and money decorating our living rooms and dining rooms than we do our bedrooms.  However, most of us spend most of our time in the bedroom.  In fact, the bedroom is the first room you see in the morning and the last place you close your eyes at night.  Read More

Shopping for baby bedding and crib bedding  is one of the expectant family’s greatest joys.  There are a few things to keep in mind. Before buying bedding for the new baby, determine that the crib mattress size is standard. A mattress used for a full crib should be at least 51⅝ inches long and 27 ¼ inches Read More

Before shopping for bedding, most of us know the size of the sheets but sometimes we are unaware of the different sizes of pillows and pillow covers.  We need to know what size pillow case to purchase.  Most of us remember the size pillow we purchased, but if you have several different pillows the first Read More

What makes Egyptian cotton sheets so expensive and a favorite fabric among bedding selections?  First of all, the quality of Egyptian cotton is superb.  Second, the cotton staples (strands) are soft and strong. Egyptian cotton, especially in the area of bedding, is an all time favorite.  Perhaps, it has as much to do with the Read More

percale bedding

Ask most people what percale sheets are and they will tell you they are a blend of polyester and cotton.  Maybe that was the case some years back, but today percale is as likely to be 100% cotton as a cotton-polyester blend.  Check the packaging for the fiber content before purchasing.  Most prefer the 100% Read More

Some of us are dedicated and loyal to our flannel bedding.  We love the feel of the flannel pillowcases next to our faces or the soft touch of flannel against our feet and arms as we sleep.  Others prefer the sleek feel of percale sheets. So, it is time to shop for new bedding.  Should Read More

If there are several things that a man does not want in his bedroom, it is too much lace, too much pink, and too many patterns and swirls.  On the other hand, women love pastel pinks, delicate decorative lace trims and softly patterned bedding pieces. When selecting bedding as a married couple, it is important Read More

When buying colorful bedding, often the package will state that the fabric is “colorfast.” That means the colors should not fade or run. In reality, everything will fade over time and many washes. However, adding one-third cup of salt to the initial (full load) wash will set the colors. We have all seen our beautiful Read More

The market today is saturated with kids bedding.  Whether Sponge Bob or Miley Cyrus is the focus, there are sheets and pillowcases to suit almost every child. Much of the kids bedding today can be purchased in lower end retail stores or in discount “box” stores.  The store presentation is designed to attract the attention Read More

What is “bed in a bag”?  Simply put, bed in a bag is a package of bedding ensembles.  What comprises a bedding ensemble varies from package to package.  A bedding ensemble can be a combination of sheets, flat and fitted, with matching or coordinating pillow cases.  Or, a bedding ensemble can be made up of Read More

Fitted bedding is perhaps the latest and possibly the greatest improvement in bed linens in the past century aside for fabric improvement. For years and years bedding was a matter of buying two flat sheets.  Making a bed was a process that took considerable time.  The rule was that one should be able to bounce Read More

Unlike other bedding, especially sheets, flannel bedding is not rated by thread count. While many consumers are obsessed with thread count when purchasing sheets, the concept just does not apply to flannel. Instead, flannel is measured by weight.

Bedding sets or sheet sets are common in the marketplace today.  It makes consumer shopping much easier.  Often the fitted bottom sheet and the flat top sheet are packaged together.  Matching pillow cases are available.  Occasionally, a bedding set will include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases.  It does make shopping Read More

Today the color of one’s bedding is a major consideration.  Years ago sheets were white.  Accessories such as quilts, blankets and comforters as well as shams were dull and often only found in solid colors.  Today the variety is almost endless. When considering bedding color, the consumer can select a complementary color for the room Read More

Before shopping for bed linens or sheets, it is imperative that we understand standard bedding sizes.  Bedding comes in four basic sizes with two additional variations.  When purchasing bedding be certain that you understand the different sizes and how the sizes are determined. The four basic sizes for bedding are: King Queen Full (also referred Read More

Bedding came into being over five thousand years ago.  Before that time we must assume that man… and woman… slept on the ground or on the floor of a cave or hut.  According to most historical reports the pharaohs of Egypt were the first to use the most basic of mattresses.  With the demarcation of a Read More

Until the past several decades when bedding became more than a cover for warmth and a separator between the mattress and the person, thread count was not mentioned selecting bedding.  We bought what was available at department stores and mostly in white. Today thread count is one of the key components in pricing of bedding Read More

Comfort is what we all look for when selecting bedding.  But, most of us don’t know how to select the perfect bed linens to meet our preferences.  Knowing the bedding weaves can help determine the comfort and the look of the sheets, comforters or duvets. Aside from thread count, which often mistakenly determines our selection Read More