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Tropical Bedding Selections

Tropical bedding is a favorite among summer bedding ensembles.  Yet, there are two distinct styles of tropical ensembles and a careful blend of floral patterns in between.  Most of us think of tropical patterns and colors as being heavily patterned with floral prints, often large and deep in color.  Yet, there are much simpler patterns that look and feel less heavy.  In fact, they may be light and airy for the summer season.

While many of us may be looking for a tropical pattern, we also suggest a visit to our Beach Bedding Selections.  Quite often we find exactly what we are looking for in a cooler shade and simpler patterns.

Tropical bedding should be carefully selected. Occasionally, the pattern may look perfect in a picture or setting but can be quite overwhelming in a smaller bedroom.  We suggest that the consumer resist the temptation to purchase an extra large pattern or too much color if the set will be used in a smaller bedroom.  It is important to remember that the bedding ensemble should not be the only thing one sees when they enter the room.  Instead, it is suggested that the consumer select a bedding ensemble that will blend into or complement the bedroom decor rather than becoming the only focal point.

Below are our favorite tropical bedding selections for this season:

Tommy Bahama

Most Sizes

Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Madison Park Freeport

Queen, King, Cal. King

Harbor House Areca (Blue)

Queen, King, Cal. King
Tommy Bahama Island Botanical

Queen, King, Cal. King
Le Vele Tiger Lily

Tommy Bahama Bonnie Cover

Twin, Full/Queen, King
Tommy Bahama Bahamian Breeza

Queen, King, Cal. King
Rizzy Sunset

Queen, King
Daniadown Poppy

Twin, Full, Queen, King
Dolce Mia Innocenza

Queen, King

Hallmart Joslin

Queen, King
Hallmart Joslin Brown

Queen, King

Although our favorite selections for the the season are somewhat limited at this time, we believe we have selected some of the higher quality ensembles at reasonable prices.  Additionally, our goal is to offer a variety, showing that tropical bedding selections can range from the more demure to the wildly colored patterns that will stand out in any environment.  It is obvious that the color combination can be quite varied, offering a color scheme for any bedroom.

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