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Buying Bedding Sets, The Pros and the Cons

Bedding sets or sheet sets are common in the marketplace today.  It makes consumer shopping much easier.  Often the fitted bottom sheet and the flat top sheet are packaged together.  Matching pillow cases are available.  Occasionally, a bedding set will include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases.  It does make shopping easier.

However, buying bedding sets limits our preferences.  While “sets” are designed primarily for the ease of shopping, often we do not get everything the way we want it. 

For example, many consumers who have double beds or full beds, prefer a queen or king flat sheet.  In a bedding set package, the sheets are packed to match in size.  Think about how you sleep and if you have a sleeping partner.  If you have a tendency to wrap yourself in the top sheet when you sleep, or if your partner is a sheet hog, a king size top sheet may be the answer.  You would have greater linen width allowing each to have sufficient cover.

Often when purchasing bedding, it has been suggested that for every flat sheet purchased two fitted sheets should be purchased.  Due to the wear on the bottom sheet or the fitted sheet, quite often the top sheet will remain looking fresh and new while the fitted sheet will begin to look worn and faded.  When purchasing bedding sets, one should be certain that both the fitted and the flat sheet can be purchased separately in case you need to replace one or the other.

Know the size of your pillows before purchasing a complete bedding set.  Most full bed sets come with standard pillow cases while the king size sets come only with king size pillow cases.  Again, this is a matter of personal preference.  However, some may prefer three standard pillows as opposed to two king sized pillows.  In some cases, those who have full beds still prefer king sized pillows.

While bedding sets are great gifts for those going off to college or newlyweds, as we develop our preferences we may wish to purchase our bed linens separately.  While most bedding sets can be purchased separately packaged, take caution when shopping if you do not see separately marketed sheets and pillow cases.

Bedding sets are highly recommended as a gift set or for those just starting out.  However, it is always wise to make certain that each sheet and pillow case can be purchased separately.  One never knows when a replacement piece may be needed.