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Bedding Selections for the Married Couple

If there are several things that a man does not want in his bedroom, it is too much lace, too much pink, and too many patterns and swirls.  On the other hand, women love pastel pinks, delicate decorative lace trims and softly patterned bedding pieces.

When selecting bedding as a married couple, it is important to remember that most men will remain silent.  In fact, most men will say that anything is okay with them.  But, ladies, have some consideration for the man in your life.  And, remember that the only lace a man wants to see in the bedroom is on his wife.

It is possible, and easy to reach a happy medium.  Blue is always a good choice in color.  A dark blue set of sheets complemented by a lighter blue comforter with a soft pattern is often acceptable.  The dark solid sheets make the man feel masculine.  The fluffy lighter blue comforter with subdued patterns gives the woman what she wants to display her feminine side.

What is important to remember is that a married couple share the bedroom space.  The colors should not be so masculine that the woman feels that there is nothing representing her in the room.  That is usually not the problem.  Most often we have discovered that women have a tendency to select the bedroom decor that makes her feel as if the room is hers.

Perhaps we are dealing with a little psychology here.  Men need to feel that they share the room and are not visitors in the woman’s bedroom.  All in all, the bedroom decor should be relatively neutral in feel.  While the colors do not have to be neutral, it is important that the selection of bedding does not tip the scale one way or the other.

If men are willing to give up the Army green camouflage sheets, woman should be willing to give up some of the lace.  Most of us have a spare bedroom.  Ladies, make that the room with all the frills.  You can nap there or just relax there any time you wish.  However, the shared bedroom should be created so both spouses feel equally comfortable.