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What is “bed in a bag”?  Simply put, bed in a bag is a package of bedding ensembles.  What comprises a bedding ensemble varies from package to package. 

A bedding ensemble can be a combination of sheets, flat and fitted, with matching or coordinating pillow cases.  Or, a bedding ensemble can be made up of a set of sheets and pillow cases and a comforter.  Some ensembles include a bed skirt or duvet.  Others may include several shams.  Generally speaking, a bed in a bag package or what is described as a bedding ensemble includes, at the very least, five pieces.  Those five pieces would be the basics:

  • flat sheet
  • fitted sheet
  • 2 pillow cases
  • comforter

Most often the ensemble is matching meaning that the same pattern or design is common to all pieces. 

For a newlywed, the bed in a bag is an ideal starting point.  Colors and patterns vary offering many choices that are sure to complement any bedroom decor.

Please note that if the bedding ensemble is only the beginning point in setting the tone for the bedroom style and colors.  For example, if the sheets are of a blue pattern there is always the possibility of using a solid blue fitted sheet with the patterned top sheet.  Perhaps, the patterned comforter can be used with several shades of blue or complementary colored sheets.  The shams can be mixed with solid colors and patterns. 

The most important consideration when purchasing a bedding ensemble is to determine if the pattern and color are something one can live with and enjoy for years.  If that criteria is met, the variations on the theme are almost endless.

A wise shopper will decide on the bedding ensemble only after ascertaining that other similar quality sheets in complementary colors are available.  Additionally, it must be determined that the ensemble is of a quality that is suitable. 

Prices vary on the bed in a bag package and bedding ensembles depending on the quality of the fabric (thread count or weight), whether the fitted sheet is totally elasticized around the edge or only along the pockets, and the number of pieces included in the package.  Some packages advertise twenty pieces or more.

When shopping for an ensemble, while the number of pieces included is often alluring, it bears repeating that quality should always be the key component when making a selection, whether purchasing for oneself or as a gift.  The last thing the consumer wants is an ensemble that has multiple pieces but feels like sandpaper to the touch.  Always remember, that complementary pieces can be added as needed.  And, sometimes what looks like the perfect ensemble may be overwhelming to a small room or any room for that matter if there are 20 or more pieces that are heavily patterned.

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