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Beach Bedding

Beach bedding brings the best of the ocean into the bedroom.

beach bedding Summer Beach Bedding Beach House Bedding Set beach bedding maya bay beach bedding

Our selections for the summer are some of our all time favorites. Who doesn’t love the beach?

As shown above, beach bedding depicts some of our favorite sea creatures. If you love salt water, visiting the ocean, and basking in the relaxing sun of the shoreline, you will love our selections.

What is Beach Bedding?

Beach bedding is best described bedding that reminds us of our last vacation along the coast. Starfish, seahorses, crabs, seaweed, fish, shells and even an octopus can be the pattern of beach bedding.

The background colors are often the color of sand or the depths of a crystal clear gulf.

Is Beach Bedding the Same as Nautical Bedding?

Absolutely not! Beach bedding is all about sea life. Nautical bedding is all about boating and sailing. They are distinctly different styles and patterns but with a careful eye the two can be used in the same overall home decor.

For example, the master bedroom may lend itself to a cool beach scene while a young boy’s bedroom may be more suitable in the nautical theme. It is all dependent on preferences.

Another thing to consider for those who decorate according to region of the country, beach bedding is best suited for coastline areas while nautical themes can easily work in river or lake areas. This is not a hard and fast rule by any means. If you like beach bedding styles, use them. But, generally speaking nautical bedding has a wider audience.

Beach Bedding and Accessories

When setting a theme for home decor, bedroom or other room, the accessories can complete the theme.

beach throw pillows 4 beach bedding pillow covers

Above you will find a few of our favorites to complete the decor. There are plenty of others if you just look.

The important thing to remember when complementing the beach bedding decor is to keep the theme specialized. While it is quite possible to add a few items from our selections of nautical decor, it is easy to see that beach decor depicts sea life, what is below water level, not what is above it.