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Basic Black Comforter Sets

Basic black bedding

Simple and chic… this warm black (reversible gray) comforter set is ideal for the home decorator who wants to start with basic black bedding and work from there.

Basic black comforter sets are not as easy to find as one might think.  Most black bedding ensembles are a combination of black and white or black and cream or black with another color.  The duo-tone ensembles are ideal to work with if the second color is one that you can live with for more than a season.

However, many of us enjoy changing our color schemes with the seasons.  With a solid black bedding selection it is easier than ever to change the scheme and the mood.

Larkspur Microfiber

Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King
Solid Black (Cotton)

Twin, Full/Queen, King
Plush Black Pintuck

Queen, King
Microsuede Ensemble

Twin, Full/Queen, King

When working with a solid black bedding ensemble, texture plays a big part in the feel of the bedroom.  The comforter set shown at the top of the page (with a reversible gray side) will easily work in many schemes.  The texture and style easily lends itself to very casual living yet can be “dressed up” for a more formal scheme.

The black cotton comforter with pillow shams is perfect for the casual decor.  Any color scheme will work around this ensemble.  The decor can be as masculine or as feminine as the decorator desires.  The cotton fabric is inviting and comfortable.  This is a perfect choice for teens or adults.

The black pintuck ensemble is ostensibly feminine, again demonstrating how style and texture of the ensemble can play a big part in determining the overall decor.

With any of the bedding selections above the decorator has free reign to create the room of his or her imagination.

When working with solid black bedding in the bedroom, it is wise to remember:

  • Use three basic colors when working up a decor. 
  • Black is a neutral color, so any other color will work well with it.
  • To soften the large expanse of solid black, use solid or patterned pillow shams to break the monotony of a single solid color.
  • Black can be used year round as the mood of the room will be determined by the accent colors.
  • Select the fabric, texture and style with care as those three factors will set tone of the decor more than the black color.

Once you have made the decision to start with a solid black bedding set, you have opened your way to creating the room of your dreams.

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