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Yellow Baby Bedding

The Benefits of Yellow Baby Bedding

Don’t know if the nursery is being decorated for a boy or a girl?  Go with a neutral color!  Yellow baby bedding is being used more and more often for those occasions when the gender of the expectant baby is a mystery.  Parent do not dare wait until the day of the arrival to decide on a nursery decor.  When looking for a neutral color scheme, yellow is one that will bring sunshine into the nursery.

Among all the colors for neutral nursery decor, yellow and green are the two favorites.  While green may be more restful, especially for the mom and dad, many select yellow because of the warm happy feelings the color can create.

What Colors Combine with Yellow Baby Bedding?

When decorating with yellow in the nursery, most shades of yellow will combine with almost any other color in the same tint or tone or a darker shade of an accent color that designates it as the accent.

Some of our yellow crib bedding selections are easily identifiable as masculine or feminine.  Others are purely neutral.  We have included some gender specific combinations because some parents just enjoy the light sunny color that yellow represents.

How to Decorate with Yellow Crib Bedding

Some parents select yellow crib bedding sets as the base color for the nursery.  In other words, the yellow scheme is somewhat like a blank canvas.  The accents are to be used as the paint upon the canvas.

At the same time, once another color or two has been selected to complement the yellow base color, the accents should not overwhelm the nursery.  For example, perhaps a blue cushion for the rocking chair and maybe a couple of blue receiving blankets or a blue diaper hamper or stacker could be sufficient to accent the softer yellow.

Again, if yellow is the base color of the nursery, adding a few strategically placed accents can determine the theme.  The important thing is to be consistent.