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Purple Baby Bedding

Purple baby bedding comes in a variety of shades.  Most often purple, as we think of it, is found as the accent color in lavender baby bedding, a lighter tint of the primary color.  For babies and their nurseries, the colors are usually softer and quieter than the shades we would select for the adult bedroom.  Many parents have come to not only enjoy lighter shades of purple baby bedding, but have begun to think in terms of the purple baby nursery.

Purple crib sets have been trending upward in the past few years.  Once purple was considered too dark for a baby’s nursery or the lavender shades were too mute.  Today purple baby bedding sets offer more than grandma’s favorite color.  Whether the selection is a rich purple crib set or purple and white embroidered bedding for the infant, there is a baby bedding set that will fit into almost any nursery decor.

While some of the sets may be elegant, giving a more formal appeal, others are quite whimsical and playful.  While the baby bedding is the central focal point of the nursery, the accessories will complete the decor.

Above are some of our favorite purple baby bedding sets for the nursery.  It is also suggested that you visit our All Baby Bedding Selections at a Glance just in case we have placed a bedding set that is accented with the right amount and right shade of purple in another area.  We try to group our selections for maximum benefit, but sometimes the selection you are looking for may be in another grouping.


It is easy to see why so many expectant parents decide on purple baby bedding sets when decorating for the little princess, soon to arrive.  Purple is the color of royalty.  Baby bedding adds a touch of fun to the regal color by softening the darker shades to softer, lighter tints, ready to welcome the new arrival.  With so many colors to use as complementary or accent colors, purple has proved to be a favorite for parents-to-be.

When selecting from this color scheme, it is suggested that parents look to the future.  Baby bedding will soon give way to toddler bedding.  Luckily, many baby bedding manufacturers, especially of purple baby bedding, seem to have realized that the transition from the crib to the first bed is much easier if the same bedding color and pattern can be used.  Be sure to check to see if the baby bedding selected has the transition toddler bedding in the same style and color.


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