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Pooh Baby Bedding

Winnie the Pooh nursery bedding has been one of the favorites of all time.  A.A. Milne created his delightfully mischievous characters decades ago, but they continue to live and enthrall children from the cradle to parenthood.  One of the best ways to bring the little bear, the tiger and the donkey into our infants’ lives is to surround them with Winnie the Pooh crib bedding from the first day the baby comes home.

Whether the parents select a blue background for the baby boy or a pink trim for the little girl, or perhaps one of the neutral designs, there is a Pooh bedding selection that will become the focal point of any nursery.

Pooh baby bedding is becoming harder to find, at least in a quality bedding selection.  We have made every effort to scour our sources to find the best.  Even with our best efforts it is easy to see that unlike some themes, Winnie the Pooh baby bedding sets are harder to find than ever before.

If you see a Winnie the Pooh crib set that fits your nursery decor, it is strongly suggested that you purchase it while it is available and make every effort to obtain the accessory pieces as soon as possible.

Winnie The Pooh Nursery

Creating the Winnie the Pooh nursery can be as much fun for the parents as it will be for the little one — once he or she is old enough to recognize the characters.

With the variations of colors and style of Pooh baby bedding, one of the easiest ways to complement the nursery’s theme is with stuffed “Pooh” characters.  Regardless of the bedding, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet will remain the same.  When the little one moves into the toddler bed, with these stuffed characters he will have friends to keep him or her safe at night.

We have suggested the stuffed characters because they do appear true to the characters.  As we have learned over time, mixing accessories from two bedding sets can create an overwhelming and less than complementary visual effect.  With these stuffed characters placed about the nursery, it is possible to selected some accessories in solid colors without losing the dynamics of the nursery theme.

Of course, we are continuing to look for more Winnie the Pooh baby bedding styles and hopefully will be able to add some colorful selections within the next few months.

All that said, we are quite pleased with the selections we have found and hope you will be, too.  However, if for some reason our Winnie the Pooh ensembles do not suit your needs, please take the time to browse our All Baby Bedding Selections at a Glance pages.