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Orange Baby Bedding


Orange plays as well in the nursery as it will in any room in the home.  Perhaps, it is the brilliance of the color when used in its primary shade.  Perhaps, it is the vibrancy and energy it transmits.  Or, perhaps, it just happens to be the parents’ school colors.

Whatever the reason, orange baby bedding works well with a variety of colors schemes.

Aqua and Orange Baby Bedding

One of the most sought after combinations is for aqua and orange baby bedding or crib sets.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest to find.  However, we have selected some beautiful orange and white crib bedding sets that will allow the parents to use aqua or turquoise accents with ease.  In fact, many have discovered this to be the best option.

Beginning the an orange and white crib set, an aqua cushion can be added for the rocking chair or other complementary pieces to create the desired decor.  At the same time, parents are left to create another scheme by using another accent color or two.

Choosing the Right Shade of Orange

Whether the choice is a soft orange the color of sherbet or a vital orange from a college logo, the color will work well with many shades.  A light orange and green will create a perfect nursery for the baby that arrives in early spring or summer.  To cool the vivid color a combination with aqua will create the feeling.  Of course, for the little girl there is nothing so like an orange and pink baby bedding set.

Orange has made its way to the nursery with a flare that few can deny.  Selecting an orange crib set is easier than ever.   See our selections:

As shown above, sometimes orange is the predominant color.  In other instances, orange provides the little kick the nursery needs to brighten it up.

To decorate the nursery using one of the baby bedding sets shown, simply select one of the softer more neutral colors for the walls.  Pick up the colors with solid color accessories.  When decorating the nursery, the overall decor should be relaxing for the new mother.  After all, she will be the one who spends most of her time in the nursery with the baby.  While the little one may not notice the decor, the mother will notice every inch of the room as she rocks her bundle of joy.