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Nautical Baby Bedding | Nautical Crib Sets

Come Sail Away GEENNY Boutique Nautical Nights

Nautical baby bedding has been a favorite for years, especially for parents or expectant parents who live near the ocean or on a lake or river.  Naturally, the nautical crib set is one of the top sellers for those parents who are ready to decorate the nursery.  Unfortunately, this season is seeing few nautical baby bedding sets, as such.  (See All Baby Bedding Selections at a Glance for more options.)

Designers have made it easier than ever to complete the nursery with the style for little sailors with the few crib sets we have found this year..  While adults can rely on accessories for mature bedrooms to set the mood, the nautical baby theme relies heavily on the bedding selections.  The selections for crib sets are vast, incorporating the fitted sheet, a comforter quilt, bumpers, often a crib skirt.

As shown above, many manufacturers have gone beyond the basics by adding many necessary accessory pieces into the crib set making shopping easier for the mom-to-be.  In other cases, the accessory pieces are readily available separately making ideal baby shower gifts.

Traditionally blue in color there is no doubt that there is almost no pattern or color scheme more perfect for the infant son than nautical baby bedding.  As seen in our selections the shades of blue range from the light baby blue to the darker shades of navy.  Of course, there is the interjection of variations of shades such as the aqua and turquoise shades.  Many of the nautical crib sets are highlighted with shades of red as the accent color.

Decorating the nursery has never been easier.  With accessory pieces parents-to-be can add starfish light switch plates and mobiles to entertain the infant.  Many of the crib sets come with the diaper hamper and stacking sets.  Do not forget the accessory pieces that may be sold separately.  In many cases it is quite possible to find a solid color accessory piece that will fit into the scheme seamlessly.

It is quite easy to overdo the theme.  There is a fine line between setting the theme for the nursery and creating a room that is overwhelming.  Parents could consider a few accessory pieces that will match the bedding and complementing the nursery with solids or patterns that will work with the theme while not displaying anchors or starfish or other nautical symbols.  After all, the parents will be far more aware of the surroundings during the first year than the infant.  The nursery, regardless of theme, should not be so busy with decor.  Too much of a good thing can ruin the look.

Keeping the concept simple by disbursing a few themed pieces around the perimeter of the room and selecting other pieces in similar colors will give parents options for replacing any piece that may become worn or soiled.  After all, the idea is to set the theme but to keep it simple enough to last for the first year or two.