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Mickey Mouse Baby Bedding

Mickey Mouse baby bedding has been a favorite for decades.  There is something so lovable about the little mouse and his friends.  Although Mickey and Donald are no longer the biggest Saturday morning draw on the cartoon channels, they still linger in our hearts.  The simplicity of Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and Donald, make them enjoyable to our youngest children.

Mickey Mouse baby bedding and crib sets are becoming increasingly difficult to purchase.  Disney seems to continue with a few designs but when shopping for them we often find they are sold out.  We have put together a rather scant group of baby bedding theme.  It is recommended that any parent who finds a quality crib set designed in this theme should grab it if it is the nursery theme.

We did find a single Minnie Mouse (pink baby bedding set).  If it is hard to find Mickey, it is even harder to find Minnie.

Decorating the Nursery

Luckily, there are quite a few Mickey Mouse accessories for the nursery.  We have found everything from wall decals to rugs.  While those accents can be fun, selecting solid color accents without the mouse theme could be a good idea.  Pick a strong solid color that is common throughout all Mickey and Minnie crib sets.  Even if the parent has to change from one Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse baby bedding set, the theme will not be disrupted.

Mickey Mouse

One of the surest ways to maintain the Mickey Mouse theme is with stuffed animals.  Of course, the newborn will have no interest in the character but over time Mickey will become his or her friend.

Using the stuffed character as part of the decor will allow the parent to move the piece easily to place a focal point where desired.

Parents should probably consider the transition from the crib to the toddler bed although when the newborn comes home that does not seem important.  However, parents should remember that during the first 18 months the newborn spends approximately 80% of his or her time in the nursery if not in the crib.

Once the child is old enough to grasp the character he will begin to identify it as part of his world.  Remember Linus and the blanket?

When the time comes to move the little one to the toddler bed, Mickey can make the move with him or her.  I have had several parents tell me that the “Teddy Bear” or stuffed character that moved with the child from the crib to the toddler bed was the saving grace.  It gave the child comfort and made him feel safe in his new bed.

For parents who have been through this process already, you are well aware of the fear of transition many young children experience.  Select a theme, Mickey Mouse or another, that provides something identifiable the child can keep during the transition.